ladies and gentlemen we're back with some more snitch hide-and-seek in profit ha are they people you guys are supposed to be props come on man oh here we go oh that's better oh we got some chairs some tables alright so each light on this video means one prop saved from one of my […]


wait what's that on the building right there spider-man another five oh look at this boom oh this is cute you know spider-man is supposed to be a good person but today we're spider-man hey grant the front of five and you know what a grand theft auto 5 spoiler bird it's not a good […]


man look at the streets over here GTA 5 just looks so bad these days I wish I could use Santos superpowers to save the world even though he's a bad guy in the movies I think I could use his powers for good oh it's a new day already I only slept for like […]

Playing SKYBLOCK In MINECRAFT! (I Almost Died)

like you guys have probably seen Josh has killed me and blown up my house in the Minecraft Survival Series with him yeah hey thanks Josh really nice guy and that's like today I'm deciding I want to start a series on my own no slow go man involved and that's why we're in Skyblock […]

Playing As A CHILD In GTA 5! (GTA 5 Mods)

sorry what the hell are you doing you're late for school it's 1157 I guess I'm skipping school today today ladies and gentlemen we're playing as a child in Grand Theft Auto five children this age usually go to school but guess what it's not the start of five we don't go to school oh […]

ELIMINATE The SPY To Win The Game! (Fortnite Snipers vs. Spies)

Viper's versus spies wait what they're just buying their wares by weight Jordi's a spy Tory could you jump please I am the default skin oh wait they're all defaults I'm jumping oh come on I want to kill him already who is he okay Josh so what are the rules exactly tell me try […]


welcome back to my channel today we are back in Grand Theft Auto 5 and today I'm going to try and play GTA 5 as a police officer you might be like well jelly it's impossible but no it's not I've downloaded this insane mod where we are actually going to be a legit police […]

Playing As A SHARK With GTA 5 MODS! (Brutal)

there's nothing like taking a nice nap on the beach in Santa Monica look how beautiful this place is oh my goodness wait wait what's that in the water oh oh wait no it's just it's just people swimming I thought it was a shark or a tsunami but we're fine we're fine for now […]

Roblox episode 51 Trying To Get Out The Stronger Competitors

[Applause] hey guys what's up its June here hope y'all having a great day today we're playing survivor on roblox um you know it's summertime so let's get a little traffic oh you know I should have put my bathing suit on for this but oh wow so anyway yeah today we're playing roblox environment […]

Playing GTA 5 For 24 Hours Without BREAKING LAWS!

hey guys welcome back to my channel we're back in Grand Theft Auto 5 and today we're gonna try and break no loss for 24 hours that's right it is currently 836 in the morning and today's Grand Theft Auto challenge is to break no loss for 24 hours how do we do that I've […]