Arm Wrestling TO THE DEATH

You’re going down, brother! Oh, yeah! SHUT UP! Ian: Loser has to massage the other person’s back. Anthony: No, that’s gay. Ian: Fine. Loser has to massage the other person’s…feet. Anthony: That’s even gay-er. Ian: Alright…uh…the loser has to…lube the other person’s dichroscope. Anthony: Dichro- Ian: It’s an instrument for examining the color properties of […]

Pro Caught Cheating at Lan Tournament CS:GO

hey guys and welcome my channel times little window and I'm sure you guys have all heard by now but a pro player has been caught cheating at a LAN tournament his name is and I know I'm gonna mispronounce this button to kill forsaken cum a lot maybe it's pronounced kuma wat I don't […]


Humiliating Airsoft Players with Tiny Noob Gun

what up hey what's up guys it's day 2 after my Thompson game I've been given a very interesting little gun by Swit airsoft the real-life counterpart of this pistol is dick colt 25 a super small pistol that started manufacturer in 1908 and it was designed to fit in the smallest pockets on a […]

Scaring the $&*% out of Players with FULL-AUTO AA-12

hey you welcome back guys today is a special day because my friends over at GSP airsoft have given me one of their toys in their amazing airsoft gun collection to play with make sure to check out the link in the description and in the top right to check out their channel because they […]

Scaring the @#$% out of Players with Super Realistic .45 Drum Thompson

hey what's up guys welcome back to the castle estate in Belgium today however is the first time I'm bringing out my 1920s fully gas-powered Thompson submachine gun I've graded by Swit they're soft this thing has been fitted with a custom drum mag has a high rate of fire and handles the same as […]

When Pro Airsoft Players Show Off Their Skills… (Trickshots)

I could gently see me in the car going right to you it was sup guys today we're going to be pushing our s oh geez and our marksmanship skills to the limit we're gonna be doing a trickshot challenge me versus our buddy Fabi and Magnus edge and one who loses this who gets […]

The "SICKEST" Fortnite Players! (Fortnite Funny Moments)

so while Kat and I are sick and we sound pretty ridiculous it's kind of hilarious so we thought what better to do than jump on for night to like the video subscribe if you guys are new because we aren't the only things that are sick in this video and if you were to […]

10 Video Games That Humiliate Players For Cheating

there's one aspect of gaming most players hate even more than lag the infuriating and obnoxious cheater well the majority of gamers are content to grind through the ranks in order to level up some players are tempted by an easy win fortunately cheating does not always pay off and some developers found new and […]