Young @ Heart | India Plays – S1E08

We are the people who are zipping across life. Say ‘Hello’ to the zipper club. They are all over 50 years old. Reclaiming their youth are they the oldest person in that group is 73. Senior citizens jogging, what’s the big deal? They are not just jogging, they run marathons ! Marathons ? Okay now, […]

Yousuf Mo Soccer Highlights

Commentator: He is not seeing any options Commentator: Fancy cut by Padilha Commentator: Padilha to Van Aarle Commentator: sets off Mohammad. Nice little play with Dylan Van Aarle. Commentator: Yousuf Mohammad wants some space in the middle, makes a cut, and takes a shot … and he scores! Yousuf Mohammad… Commentator: On a far side […]

Football empowering underprivileged kids | India Plays – S1E02

My name is Tejas. Using Football, I do a lot of skills using all parts of my body. I have been performing at a lot of corporate shows and promotional advertisements… … And various shows across the world… … Through which I am able to fund my programme ‘Sparky Football’. Sparky Football is a non-profit […]

💙Neymar LOVES Cavani!💙 (PSG vs Galatasary 5-0 Penalty Parody Goals Highlights)

During PSG vs Galatasaray – Neymar had a penalty… but did this! – Hey Edison! – Yes Neymar! – You can have it! – Hecky-wecky-thump – really? – Really! It’s all yours! – Wahoo!… Wahoo x 10! A genuine bit of class or a Champions League Conspiracy?! The Secret Plan Theory – Hecky-wecky-thump – really? […]

The Rules of Football (Soccer or Association Football) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Association Football. Association Football, more commonly known as ‘soccer’ in North America and Football pretty much everywhere else in the world, is a game played with two teams of 18 players, with 11 players taking the field at any one time. The object of the game is for your team […]

Two Koreas take each other on at int’l table tennis tournament in Russia

Safin North Korea’s table tennis teams played some rare friendly matches against each other this week they played in both the men’s and women’s competitions at Eastern Champions Cup in Vladivostok Russia the South Korean men meet their northern counterparts three to two after more than four hour long match on Tuesday the South Korean […]

Fans vote Lionel Messi for Champions League goal of the tournament

The eternal battle between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo rages on, as fans have voted Messi’s free-kick against Liverpool as the Champions League goal of the tournament The news comes just a day after UEFA’s official ‘technical observers’ voted Ronaldo’s volley against Manchester United as goal of the tournament The group of technical observers featured […]

Soccer for Kids! ~ Ryu’s Soccer Journal ~ Championship win & party at the Arcade!

Coming up next! (Singing) We are the champions! November 16th, Ryu’s Soccer Journal! Last week we played against the Black Panthers. I scored 6 goals! It wasn’t a very hard game. We’ve already beat them twice before. And… we won again! We won 14 – 2! Now, back to this week. This is our last […]