Fencing Great Valentina Vezzali’s Latest Fight | Legends Live On

From Italy, Valentina Vezzali! Valentina changed the way we see women’s sports in Italy. Valentina is exceptional because even as a kid, she was competitive. Winning a week after her father’s death… You need to be really strong. I absolutely wanted to take part in the Olympics and become number one. After the Olympics in […]

Hurdler Liu Xiang’s Historic Gold Display in Athens 2004 | Olympics on the Record

Home advantage can be a mixed blessing. The support of the home crowd is welcome, but the burden of expectation can be overwhelming. And in Beijing 2008, the entire Chinese nation was looking to one man for glory. This man, Liu Xiang. Few people will ever be able to understand the pressure that Liu Xiang […]

Russia’s most successful gymnast, Svetlana Khorkina’s legend lives on | Legends Live On

She’s a sports legend. She’s a gymnastics legend throughout the world. I paved the way for gymnastics in the 21st century and for the great gymnasts. To stay ten years at this level is something unique. And she has this charisma, a certain attitude that makes you notice her. I’d have a one-on-one discussion with […]

Volleyball Serving Challenge with Dominican Republic Women’s Team

We’re the Women’s Volleyball team, and welcome to the serving challenge.

Freestyle Skiing Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

(PYEONGCHANG 2018 STORIES TO WATCH) (FREESTYLE SKIING) Freestyle skiing made its debut as a medal sport at the 1992 Olympics in Albertville, with moguls. Aerials became a medal event in 1994, followed by ski cross in 2010, then half-pipe and slopestyle events in 2014. The events reflect the Olympic push towards more modern events with […]

How Japanese Teen Ayumu Hirano defied USA’s Snowboarding Dominance | Game Breakers

Snowboarding is not a major sport in Japan. The pipes in Japan are not up to the standards of the rest of the world. But I always believe in myself and try to perform my best no matter how bad the conditions are. Instead of trying to flip as high as I can I prefer […]

The 2020 Youth Olympics Are Coming Home! | Lausanne 2020 | Youth Olympic Games

When I heard that my city was not only going to be an Olympic capital but also an Olympic city, I became really excited because I feel like Lausanne 2020 has the ambition to gather people around its project. It’s the vision and the concept that allow these games to make the city, the region […]

Argentina is shooting for Futsal Gold | Youth Olympic Games

I’m Matias Coronel and I play Futsal. Futsal is a sport in which you need a lot of speed, a lot of technique while being in a reduced amount of space. I play in the winger position, My job is to attack between spaces so we can move forward and to tackle. In 11-a-side you […]

Basketball & Ice Cream – How an Olympic Champion does business | Day Jobs

DAY JOBS (ANGEL MCCOUGHTRY BASKETBALL ICE CREAM ENTREPRENEUR) There was something special about basketball for me. It is just a peaceful moment out there being on that court. People say, how do you keep your great figure? I say I just eat sweets, ice cream, cookies, cakes. I do have a big sweet tooth, I […]

The Best of the Olympic Twins | The Olympics On The Record

If human cloning ever becomes more than science fiction, there’s little doubt that Olympians will be near the top of the list. Imagine a pool full of Spitz. Or Bolt taking on Bolt. It might seem like fantasy, but I have a surprise for you. You’ve seen plenty of clones at the Olympics already. In […]