Statistical Anomalies in Sports: Boston Celtics & Burnley FC

When it comes to shooting, a Premier League club like Burnley FC and an NBA franchise Boston Celtics shouldn’t have much in common. In football, players uses their head and feet to weave a ball past 11 defenders into a goal 8 years wide and 8 feet tall. In basketball, players need to dribble and […]

7 NBA Players Whose Talents VANISHED

today we're going to be taking a look at seven current NBA players whose talents have vanished and whether this is because of the Monstars and a Space Jam 2 remake I don't know but what I do know is these players aren't half as good as they once were and there's no clear explanation […]

6 NBA Players That Changed Their Jersey Number This Season – Kevin Durant | Anthony Davis

now not only is to spend the craziest summer in NBA history with plenty of superstars switching teams they also look this is a chance to switch their jersey numbers and everybody actually had a significant reason or story behind it that you never knew about now coming into the summer it was already anticipated […]

The Most Overpaid Player From EVERY NBA Team (2019-20)

the most overpaid player from every NBA team I've made one of these every year and it's definitely needed because as we've seen a lot can change in a year players change teams and some teams just never learn to stop overpaying so let's look at some from every team starting with the Atlanta Hawks […]

The biggest standouts from 2019 NBA Summer League | Jalen & Jacoby

Big dunks by Zion, Jaxson Hayes highlight top 10 summer league plays | 2019 NBA Summer League

The Most Overpaid Player From EVERY NBA Team This 2018-19 Season

now a little over a year ago I made a video looking at the ten most overpaid players for the 2017 an eighteen season and then a few months later on I made one on the most overpaid player from every team but that one got taken down but now we're doing it again for […]

UntouchaBULLS – The Chicago Bulls 2nd NBA Championship Story

one of the 1991 NBA Finals we're going to take our friends and fans on a trip into dreamland magic and Michaels I'll pass underneath video yes yes yes but balls have stunned the Lakers here at Game three and overtime the Chicago Bulls the Lakers in Los Angeles playoffs celebrations begin in Chicago we […]

NBA players have a lot of power, and Bill Russell is a big reason why – Rachel Nichols | The Jump

The Winners And Losers Of The 2019 NBA Summer League

the 2019 NBA Summer League gave us the opportunity to see this year's rookies for the first time on the NBA hardwood and other young players trying to prove themselves worthy of a roster spot headed into next season in this video we're gonna be looking at the most impressive and disappointing players from this […]