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Cathy Kelly here for WWE Now, coming to you from Orlando, Florida. This Monday on RAW it almost ended very badly for Universal Champion Roman Reigns. That is until this happened.>>Storm is cashing in. We’ve got a second championship match. Wait a minute. [MUSIC]>>Boy.>>My god, my god. Rollins, Ambrose, The Shield, The Shield is here.>>They […]

Bayley only has two words for the WWE Universe: SmackDown Exclusive, Oct. 11, 2019

A new hair cut, attacking the Bayley Buddy is it, seems like we’re seen a whole new side to Bayley. What exactly did that mean out there to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship as the new Bayley?>>Cathy, did you hear me out there, today? Right now, five seconds ago. To the fans I said, screw […]

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Sasha Banks, yourself and Bailey were a cohesive unit out there tonight but wasn’t enough to topple the team of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. How are you both going to rebound and refocus ahead of Clash of Champions this Sunday against your respective opponents?>>Cathy, you are asking you way too many questions, okay? Where […]

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Cathy Kelly here for WWE Now. And this past Monday night on Raw in Madison Square Garden, superstars got stunned, beers were chugged, and everyone was loving Stone Cold Steve Austin’s return. That is, except for AJ Styles.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Stunner again in the Garden.>>Stone Cold tweeted about how good it felt to be back. And Steve, we […]

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>>My God, they’re gonna- >>Daniel Bryan with a hurricanrana! Set Harper, Harper on the table! And now a spear, a spear by Reigns to Erick Rowan through the announce table!>>Well, a wild and unpredictable night here at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento California. I’m Cathy Kelly and I’ve got all of your results from […]