TOP 5 Sports Cars 2017

hey everyone test all new Porsche 911 Turbo S one of the fastest sports cars ever this one is the new model two faced it with new headlights taillights and interior upgrades just beautiful keyless go frameless horse this one has a carbon package beautiful carp indoors with the eliminate turbo S logo Burmaster sound […]

Why Do Some People Hate Cyclists? | GCN Show Ep. 344

– Live from Loveland Pass. – Welcome! – [Both] To the GCN show! – Welcome to the GCN show brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we answer the question, why do some people hate cyclists? – [Daniel] Plus we take a look at the world’s most expensive saddle bag, roadies beating mountain bikers […]

Honda Accord Sport 2017 Review | TestDriveNow

The Honda Accord has been the most popular, best-selling car in America over the past 4 decades. Need more be said? It’s pedigree of reliable motoring has matured over time to include such hallmark characteristics as sporty handling, get-in-and-drive ergonomics and big car spaciousness. And what’s more, you can still buy one with a 6-speed […]

Toyota Auris Touring Sports estate 2013 review – CarBuyer

Toyota is very good at making incredibly reliable cars, so if you liked the new Auris but need a little more space, the Touring Sports or estate version should suit you well. The only difference between the hatchback and this version is from the rear wheels resulting in a very large boot, perfect for lugging […]

New extreme sport: „Alpine Soccer“ – powered by the Sprinter 4×4

Of course it’s hard… everything’s hard in the mountains. Soccer is not different. Franz and I invented … … “Steep Alpine Soccer”. Anyone can play on grass, on flat pitches like they do in France. That’s soccer for sissies! In Montafon, we only play on the steepest slopes we can find. This is a beautiful […]

Fastest Sports Cars (Paragon, 8F Drafter & Issi) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

Hello everyone, I’m Broughy1322, and this video serves as an update to the Fastest Sports Cars video where I show the best fully-upgraded sports cars in terms of lap time. For all the information you need about the series, check the original Sports Cars video, but otherwise, let’s see where the new Paragon R, 8F […]

Who Makes the Best Luxury Sport Coupe?

The perfect sports car should combine sexy good looks with nimble steering, aggressive power, and a high-quality cabin. It will be expensive — but not so pricy that it’s out of reach for everyone. Porsche, Mercedes and Jaguar have three of the top sports cars on offer today– but which one is the best for […]

Range Rover Sport SUV 2013 review – CarBuyer

The previous Range Rover Sport was a lie — it was neither particularly sporty nor was it a proper range rover as it was based on a Discovery. This time though the Sport does share the same architecture as the Bigger Rage Rover even though in terms of the design it’s actually more like a […]

The Truth About Using Sport Mode in Your Car, Does it Cause Damage

rev up your engines, jsph says scotty is it bad to always shift from normal to sport mode in my automatic acura tl, I’m a spirited driver and have that habit, is there any long term damages, no because when you go from normal to sport drive, all that’s doing is, it’s telling the computer […]

Why all future Sports Cars will be Electric Vehicles

Welcome to another Two Bit da Vinci Video. Today we’re talking electric cars, but not in the way you’re probably thinking. When it comes to EVs most people think about how efficient and better for the planet they are. We will cover this in the future, but today, we want to talk about if EVs […]