Soccer's Most Violent Rivalry: VICE World of Sports

around the world it's a basic fact of life that soccer is more than just a game in Serbia it's more like a war this isn't a political rally these aren't protesters the soccer fans and at least once a year these men and thousands more like them turn the streets of Belgrade into ground […]

8 NBA Players That Changed Their Jersey Number – Michael Jordan | LeBron James | Paul George

now superstars from the league both past and present have made certain jersey numbers iconic but the reasons behind why they were forced to switch them you won't believe now throughout high school and of course coming into that MBA LeBron James shortest admiration towards Michael Jordan by representing the number 23 as many had […]

10 Greatest Against All Odds Stories in the NBA Today (Part 1)

players that make it to the NBA come from all across the world and everyone has different backgrounds and different stories for how they made it to the league some have had an easy path and some have been lucky to even make it to this point alive so we're gonna look at the ten […]

8 Players It's TOO EARLY to Give Up On

there's a lot of young players in the league that have huge early expectations from how they were hyped up and where they were selected in the NBA Draft but not every player lives up to the hype and those expectations right away which can lead to a majority of people giving up on them […]

18 Players With Something to Prove This Season

after last season the NBA draft and the craziest night in NBA history that was the opening of this user agency that's all the entire league it flipped upside down a lot of these things have all of that a lot of players having something still left to prove whether his injuries that have held […]

8 Players Whose Talents Are Getting WASTED

Game of Zones – S4:E3: 'The Oak and the Seventh Seed'

Five minutes, Melo Understood Ser Oakley Carmelo… seems you’re my last friend in Knicks colors Quite the opposite, actually The whole city cheers your name outside these Garden walls I saw what they did to you More like what I did to them It’s not right You’re a legend I’m just an old enforcer When […]

Ranking the 10 BEST Starting 5's if Every Player Played For the Team That Drafted Them

ranking the ten best starting fives if every player played for the team they were drafted by the idea is simple we're looking at current players and to make the list a player has to be playing in the league today so let's get right into it and we can start first with the honorable […]

The Best NBA Player From Every State

these videos reach people on a worldwide level but for today we're doing something a little more locally and looking at the best player from every state some states have brought in a ton of stars to the league and then there's others that haven't brought any current players into the NBA and along with […]