2018 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid | Test Drive | Edmunds

SPEAKER 1: The Acura NSX is a high tech super car that uses hybrid technology to create an exhilarating driving experience. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if it had four doors and the drivetrain was backwards? Well, wonder no more, because this is the 2018 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid. Up […]

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Toyota Auris Touring Sports estate 2013 review – CarBuyer

Toyota is very good at making incredibly reliable cars, so if you liked the new Auris but need a little more space, the Touring Sports or estate version should suit you well. The only difference between the hatchback and this version is from the rear wheels resulting in a very large boot, perfect for lugging […]

New extreme sport: „Alpine Soccer“ – powered by the Sprinter 4×4

Of course it’s hard… everything’s hard in the mountains. Soccer is not different. Franz and I invented … … “Steep Alpine Soccer”. Anyone can play on grass, on flat pitches like they do in France. That’s soccer for sissies! In Montafon, we only play on the steepest slopes we can find. This is a beautiful […]

Fastest Sports Cars (Paragon, 8F Drafter & Issi) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

Hello everyone, I’m Broughy1322, and this video serves as an update to the Fastest Sports Cars video where I show the best fully-upgraded sports cars in terms of lap time. For all the information you need about the series, check the original Sports Cars video, but otherwise, let’s see where the new Paragon R, 8F […]

2018 Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport review – is it a match for Audi and BMW? | What Car?

It’s safe to say that the old Vauxhall Insignia was a bit…bland. It was a common sight on motorways and synonymous with sales reps and company car drivers but private buyers just didn’t see it as cool, which was a bit harsh given that it’s so frugal and well-equipped. With this brand new version then, […]

2019 Hyundai Veloster Reveal Livestream at NAIAS | Hyundai

(upbeat music) – Hello and welcome to the Hyundai Media Event. I’m Kristen Bird, and we are here live, at Cobo Hall, in downtown Detroit, at the 2018 North American International Auto Show. And we are so excited to present the global reveal of the 2019 Hyundai Veloster. As you can see behind me, the […]

Renault Sport R.S. 01 Chris Harris test drive

Well here we are then. On a very, very cloudy Silverstone. So, we’re going to put a bit of temperature into it now so I can maybe talk a bit. Woodcote, how many great things have happened at Woodcote. WOW, and that front end view coming into Copse, braking late, you can brake so late […]

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car – Rowan Atkinson | Top Gear – BBC

So obviously you do love your cars and now of course you race, you are yes King Occasionally yeah, yeah historic racing yeah, so what are you racing the track um what I have gone is a Ford Falcon 1964 Ford Falcon, it’s a big sort of you know 4.7 liter v8. And and very […]

Hyundai Kona Reveal Livestream | Hyundai

– [Announcer] Welcome to the Hyundai media event! Please welcome chief operating officer, Hyundai Motor America, Brian Smith. (faint clapping) ♪ How we be, be ♪ – Well hello and welcome! Thank you for taking a little time to join us this afternoon. Before I start, I wanna take just a minute to welcome three […]