When it comes to buying a car most customers dont primarily attach importance to speed because fast cars are obviously expensive. However some of them still do some research on fast cars and try to stand updated about them. In this video im gonna present you, people who dont necessarily investigate fast cars, top 10 […]

5 sports sedans under 10k

Are you looking for a fun sporty car that can be practical and comfortably fit five passengers for less than 10 thousand dollars? If you answered yes then this video is for you. I’ll be showing you five sport sedans for under ten thousand dollars

Crushing car crashes: WWE Top 10, Oct. 9, 2019

[MUSIC]>>The Rattlesnake is back!>>Look out!>>And The Rattlesnake putting the hurting on Triple H!>>And listen to this capacity crowd!>>[NOISE] >>No, no! [SOUND] >>Woo! [SOUND] >>Triple H is in that ambulance.>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>[CROSSTALK] Go, go.>>Go, go, go! [SOUND] [SOUND]>>Starting the car up, he’s revving the car up now. [SOUND] >>[APPLAUSE]>>No.>>My god. >>No, no, no, don’t do it!>>No! No! […]

Group B Worship: Ford RS200 and Audi Sport Quattro – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[MUSIC PLAYING] The RS200 was designed to be nothing other than a rally car. It didn’t have to look like a Sierra or an Escort or something that had to be sold in the showrooms. Much like the Lancia Stratos and the 037, it was designed to win rallies. It was a prototype in the […]

Komparasi SUV Diesel Part 2: Fortuner vs Pajero Sport vs Everest vs MU-X

Hello YouTube, welcome to Motomobi Channel and AutonetMagz This is the second part of AutonetMagz The Series Episode 3 If you haven’t the first part please watch it first by the link below Previously in the first part, we have done the review of these SUVs from the exterior aspec, interior aspec, price aspec, etc. […]


First things first I’m a say all the words inside my head I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been, oh ooh The way that things have been, oh ooh Second thing, second Don’t you tell me what you think that I can be I’m the one at the sail I’m […]

Dubai’s Abandoned Sports Cars | Wheeler Dealers Trading Up

you know device is an incredible place it’s very difficult to keep your car clean here because devises city on the edge of the desert and everywhere you look cars are covered in filth and dust but if you look beyond the filth and dust you’ll see some really amazing cars I’ve just walked over […]

Fiat 131 Mirafiori Sport (Racing); Coupe kasa 131 inceliyoruz…

Hello everyone! Today our guest is 1979 Fiat 131 Racing, also known as Mirafiori Sport. Fiat 131 model is very popular in our country as you know. This car was manufactured between 1975-1982 especially in Europe. Of course we’re talking about sedan models in general mean. so models that have 1.3L or 1.6L engines. It […]

操控一流!安全駕馭再升級 BMW 530i M Sport

還好今天天氣很好 昨天啊還在下大雨 我們今天試駕的車型是BMW 5系列 這是我第一次試駕 在台灣試駕到530i的M Sport款 它的台幣329萬 它和一般的5系列的差異當然就是外觀 你看得到的空力套件 包含輪圈、包含裡面的煞車還有懸吊系統 其他大致上是一樣 還有內裝飾板上些許的差異 另外在5系列啊 我覺得這一次5系列 比較重要的重點其實它改變比較多 其實是520D和520i 它有多了很多新增的配備 包含了全車系現在又搭配了Copilot半自動輔助駕駛 聽好喔 它是輔助駕駛並不是自動駕駛 那在520的部分 還多了一些…原本導航是要選配的 現在跟530都一模一樣了 那目前全車系喔 變成5系列全車系的標配 那我們今天試駕的是 台幣329萬的530i M Sport 那我跟大家順便講一下其他的售價啊 在520D的部分最入門是235萬 一直到最貴的M 550i 它是唯一四輪傳動的 它的售價是459萬 🔥Go車誌官方IG帳號正式上線啦 Follow @Buycartv 分享更多試車秘辛給大家! 🔥 530i M Sport 和 520i M Sport其實在外型上是一樣的 它和一般版本的5系列最大的差異其實都是在下緣 包含了保桿的下緣 甚至包含了車側 以及車尾 只有有一個選配的東西喔 就是後方有一個尾翼 小小的鴨尾 […]

Arm Wrestling and Basketball Champion – GEICO

When I was shopping for car insurance, the choice was easy. I switched to GEICO and saved hundreds. Excuse me… Winner! That’s a win. But it’s not the only reason I switched. Hi! GEICO has licensed agents who I can reach 24/7. Great savings AND round the clock service? Now that’s a win-win. Winner. Winner. […]