Hoop House Basketball 2.0

Cory Joseph (Toronto Raptors)

PART 1 – Countries Marble Race Tournament 2018 Season

Fizisu Marble Race Series Choose your country and start the game!! Argentina Canada India Kazakhstan South Korea Czechia The race is starting now… FIZISU SCOREBOARD 1 – INDIA 2 – ARGENTINA 3 – KAZAKHSTAN 4 – CZEZHIA 5 – SOUTH KOREA 6 – CANADA This video is purely for entertainment purposes. THANKS FOR WATCHING PLEASE […]

Full Steam Ahead! Junction City Wrestling 2020 promotional video

Full steam ahead! T. Bernie Diamond here. Junction City Wrestling brings you classic entertainment for the whole family! Visit junctioncitywrestling.com for more information! *Uproarious cheers & applause*

Canada Games 2017: BC soccer star Emma Regan

I’ve been playing since I was six years old so like over ten years now I’m 17 now so yeah basically my whole life I was the flag bearer it was an amazing experience like I totally didn’t expect it I didn’t even know I was being considered but yeah it was an amazing experience […]

Bianca Andreescu wins Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s top athlete | EXTENDED INTERVIEW

[Devin Heroux] Bianca, congratulations. You’re the Canadian athlete of the year. How does that sound? [Bianca] It sounds pretty good. Having my name amongst all these amazing athletes is just surreal so I’m super grateful for everyone that voted for me. It’s one of the big biggest achievements I’ve accomplished definitely. A unanimous vote. The […]

Bianca Andreescu wins Lou Marsh Trophy

Breaking news from the world of sports. Bianca Andreescu has been named Canada’s top athlete. The Mississauga teen is the winner of the Lou Marsh award for 2019. Devin Heroux of CBC Sports is here with more on this story. This is not unexpected right, but why did the judges make this decision? Andrew this […]

The Best of Hasan Minhaj – Muslim Ban, Women’s Soccer & Canada | The Daily Show

– Before we get into the special, I always wanted to know, what is your favorite memory of working at The Daily Show? – Oh man, uh, today. – No, I mean like of, of like all time. – No, right now, this is great. – No, I know you’re really enthusiastic about things. – […]

“Ring of Dreams” extra scene – Yuki Ishikawa on wrestling Antonio Inoki

Then finally I become a professional wrestler. Then something, Destiny. One time, after I debut, just one year maybe. Mr. Inoki visit Fujiwara’s show. Our company’s show, Korakuen Hall. Then Mr. Inoki said, after the all matches you know. “Does somebody want to fight me?” “I want to do wrestle over here right now.” Then […]

Fan Ventilation – Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Welcome back. I’m here with one of Canada’s top curlers, Chelsea Carey. Chelsea, fans can get really close to the action at a live event. Do you think that’s unique to the sport of curling? Go Chelsea! [crash] That’s an interesting ques– Yes. Ugh. At least she’s okay. [cheering] [♪♪♪]Experience the Scotties Tournament of Hearts […]