2016 Worlds Cosplay Music Video | League of Legends Community Collab

League Girl (League of Legends SHINee Kpop Song parody) by Dani the Girl (starwarspunk)

Get Out of Bronze/Silver in League of Legends in Three Steps!

greetings everybody I'm going to be showing you how to get out of bronze or silver and make it into gold League so for all of you people that are already gold trying to get the plat you can still use some of these tips but they're mostly for the lower level bronze level silvery […]

League of Legends Caitlyn Guide | Season 6 | Patch 6.8

hello YouTube welcome to another season 6 patch 6.8 guide by e gaming television and in this guide we're covering Caitlyn the sheriff of piltover sorry boys I keep the fuzzy cuffs at home to view a nice list of our guides you can head over to our website which is WWE Gaming TV comm […]

[Versión 9.13] Actualizando: ¡ Llega Qiyana, TFT y Arcadia! | League of Legends

hola invocador es la versión 9.13 tiene tanto contenido pe que no sé ni por dónde empezar el hype está a tope con el nuevo modo de juego te invite a clics pero por otro lado la grieta tiene un nuevo campeón villana en la parte de jugabilidad les adelanto que seguramente estaremos viendo más […]


♫ Remix of Legends – Champion Select

Only you can hear me summoner… What masterpieceshall we play today? Do you feel a chill? Here we go! Time for a true display of skill Lemmeattem Let's go, let's go We will kill your enemiesYou wanna play too? That will be fun (It'll be fun) Pleased to meet you Time to feast Time to […]

League of ADC – Best ADC 2019 Plays Compilation #7 (League of Legends)

I'm standing on the end of a cliff realize there must be more to life than this reaching for the stock javelin sipar dragonfly scrub my head we'll never forget it I love young way too much fun in the Sun when is dance to our song dance don't you the vice cop that is […]