Malaysia Shuts Down OG’s Questions About Jackie | Basketball Wives

– Hey-hey. Thank you. Oh, how cute. Pink. – I need a glass of wine. – Hi! – Hi! – Hello, hello, hello. – Jackie asked me to hang out with O.G. to get to know her.I’ll do what I can for Jackie.And her friends are very interesting, so this should be fun. – Yes, […]

Jennifer & Tami Say Evelyn Slept with Shaunie’s Ex | Basketball Wives

– So, you know, she’s talking about the situation where you said that… That’s what she’s talking about it. – I didn’t say that. I was asked that. – Okay, so just… – There’s a difference.[tense hip-hop music][sighs] [bleep] – Why don’t you just say it so then you just get it out?♪ ♪Think she […]

Tami Has A Revelation About Her Confrontation w/ Evelyn | Basketball Wives

– When you said this domestic violence [bleep], that kind of like crossed a line. – We had a conversation many years ago where that woman said it was an accident. So don’t sit up and pretend that you’re the victim. You know it was a fraudulent situation. – Wow. – They were arguing over […]

Evelyn Thinks Tami Had Ulterior Motives | Basketball Wives

– You had a motive. Okay? You had a motive. – You think I had a motive? – A motive for what? – Why did she even bring this when she knew it wasn’t true and it could have hurt people’s lives? – You have a comprehension problem, so I’ll say it again. – No, […]

How the Nets wasted a prime championship opportunity, then fell apart and left the state | Collapse

In the mid 2000s, the long-reigning titansof the NBA’s Western Conference showed some vulnerability. The Eastern Conference team best positionedto dethrone them was, without question, the New Jersey Nets. The Nets had been swept by the Lakers in the2002 NBA Finals, but they’d retooled, fought their way back into another Finals, and comepretty damn close […]

The worst NBA playoff game was over 48 minutes of garbage time

the NBA playoffs should elicit fond memories of classic games with clutch heroics birds steal Reggie Miller's eight points in nine seconds Ray Allen's miracle three the best teams and the best players squaring off ought to be the pinnacle of basketball but in 2009 we got a playoff game that was so ghastly James […]