Hirooki Goto is the new NEVER champ! #njwk14

Well, GOTO HIRO won and I lost. I have nothing else to say about tonight’s match. Only for today, he was better than me. But I always said I never cared about the NEVER title. It’s upsetting that I lost to him. I didn’t think that I would be missing the title after it’s gone… […]

Time Bomb 2 puts Hiromu back on top of the mountain! #njwk14

俺が望んでた結果とは違う 何を語ればいいのか… 自信過剰だったのかもしれない それか俺は一生ヒロムには勝てないとか 分からないけど でも俺は負けた IWGPジュニアの チャンピオンの座は失った でも負けた相手がヒロムなら仕方がない もちろんすごく悔しいけど 次は何が待ってる? 何だ? I did it! Clap for me! This past year and a half has been very dark for me. I struggled and was in pain, but I kept walking with my little light. I had so much support from so many. They kept me […]

Hiromu will take on all comers! #njdash

When I arrived today, I was thrilled when I saw the card I was very excited with our match. I noticed the singles champion was in our match. I wanted to make my move on him… But now, there’s someone else. I need to take care of this, before anything else. Even though we’re in […]

Jon Moxley was last standing after a war with Lance Archer! #njwk14

一つ言わせてくれ… 俺はギャンブラーだ… 俺は全てを賭けるつもりで 東京まで来た ジュース・ロビンソン… 明日ここ東京ドームで… 決着を付けようぜ 何か文句あるか? 俺があのモンスターに 殺されると思ったか? G1でジュースに負け 敗退したからって 俺が諦めてアメリカに帰ると思ったか? それとも何だ… どこから出血してるんだ? 乳首が切れたのかと思ったが… 俺が諦めて帰ると思ったか? ノーだ! 俺は新日本ハンターだ! どういう意味だって? 今にわかる だがその前に 明日ジュース・ロビンソンを片付ける 6月に俺にベルトを奪られた腹いせに 俺のG1をぶち壊しやがった! 優勝だけを狙ってた! ジュース・ロビンソンのせいで ビッグチャンスを逃した いや 負けたのは俺の責任だ 誰かのせいにしても意味がない でもあいつのせいだと思えば もっと燃えてくる! 明日ドームであいつを負かしてやると思うと 俄然やる気になってきた! リングでも言ったが… 俺はインタビューを受けたり ファンにキスしたり プレゼントをもらうために 日本に来たんじゃない やるべきことをやるためだ まず このベルトを取り返し その後でジュース・ロビンソンを 終わらせる 勝って全てを手にするか 負けてゼロになるか 俺がまだ新日本のリングで闘うかどうか 全ては明日の結果次第だ しっかり聞いとけ… 俺はこの団体のトップに立ってやる ポカリスエットを持って来い!

Suzuki lays out Moxley! Could Minoru become King of the US? #njwk14

His succeed in his first defense. He’s strong. We can sense his passion for wrestling. John Moxley finally succeeded in defending his title. Although he brought out a chair early on, the last half was just a straight wrestling match. 全て手に入れた! WRESTLE KINGDOMは俺のものだ! Can you believe he had a death match last night? Wrestlers are […]

KENTA ruins Naito’s crowning glory! #njwk14

Okada… Okada… Winning the Tokyo Dome main event… It’s awesome, isn’t it? Someday… In the main event of the Tokyo Dome… Let’s fight again. He told Okada exactly what Okada told him. Okada raises a fist. They are more than just rivals. Okada and Naito’s store has just begun. That’s something only those two can […]

KENTA left night one of Wrestle Kingdom with a plan in mind… #njwk14

Let’s all sit down and talk. You’re already sitting. What the hell… I’ve said this before, but tonight doesn’t matter. Our match is tomorrow. However, GOTO HIRO was plenty fired up tonight. How very, very cute. One year ago, I couldn’t imagine fighting here at the Dome. One year later, I’m truly happy that I […]

KENTA ruins Naito’s moment again! #njdash

また新たなターゲットを 見つけてしまった SANADA… 最近のお前は調子に乗り過ぎてるから 俺が現実を教えてやる お前はどうせ 俺の足元にも及ばない What’s this about? It’s hard to hear him. Jay now passes the mic to KENTA. The booing is so strong. Jay just said you’re all a bunch of morons. Is that right? Did he say that? I don’t think he said that. KENTA, go home! KENTA, go home! […]

Jon Moxley lays out Minoru Suzuki at New Year Dash!! #njdash

The atmosphere’s suddenly completely different. John Moxley? What’s going to happen tonight? Yesterday it was Suzuki who interrupted. This time, it’s Moxley. Did he force New Japan to play his music? Just right before Taichi was going to finish Okada, Moxley showed up. Suzuki is grinning. Moxley’s in the ring! He kicked off Taichi. Minoru […]


In the first Tokyo Dome of the Heisei Era, the wrestler Jyushin Thunder Liger was born. And today, in the Tokyo Dome, the wrestler Jyushin Thunder Liger is no more. For these past 31 years… Thank you very much for your support! Job well done. Although he will be leaving the ring for good, he’s […]