Paul Heyman getting beaten up: WWE Playlist

If Lesnar beats Heyman, he gets Angle for the title next week on SmackDown. And Lesnar tries to battle back. And Kurt Angle with the right hands again.>>Kurt knows he’s gotta keep the pressure on Brock.>>Hey, look at Heyman. Heyman is trying to escape. That sneaky SOB. Heyman’s gonna get out.>>If Heyman makes it over […]

Carmella Makes EMOTIONAL Reveal About Her Health & Why She Is No Longer Wrestling for WWE

Hey guys, welcome back to Wrestling World! Carmella recently opened up about her serious health scare that kept her away from WWE She has quietly gone missing for over a month now and no one knew why until now Carmella had missed a few raw and Smackdown episodes a few weeks back because of her […]

Superstars attacking their tag team partners: WWE Top 10, April 23, 2018

[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] >>Headed to that place. >>Wait a minute, here comes Mahal.>>Jinder Mahal and a shot there on Bobby Roode, incidentally into Orton. And there goes Mahal. Wait a minute, RKO to his tag team partner. >>There you see the Steiners, one of their trademark poses >>[APPLAUSE]>>In the ring daring the opponent to get in, […]

5 forgotten Goldberg moments: WWE List This!

Remember Goldberg beating Brock Lesnar in one minute and 24 seconds? Of course you do. We just talked about it last week. What about Goldberg pinning Hollywood Hogan in the Georgia Dome? Well that clip’s in every Goldberg highlight reel. But here are five Goldberg moments you might not remember. Hollywood Hogan was the most […]

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Aug. 5, 2019

[MUSIC] Ivar now the legal man and imagine what he’s going to do. The 300 plus pounder, from the top rope.>>He’s comfortable up top!>>And he’s going to fly with a big splash!>>Splat.>>Just end it.>>You’re gonna get your wish because there is the Viking experience.>>One, two, three.>>[NOISE]>>[MUSIC]>>Let’s focus on our baby, give me a kiss.>>[SOUND] [CROSSTALK]>>[SOUND]>>That […]

Superstars getting buried: WWE Top 10, March 12, 2018

[MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[MUSIC] Looks like a real Phantom of the Opera. >>Hey it needs to work but hey, what else can’t the guy do? >>[APPLAUSE]>>Look at all those extra plunder laying around Strowman’s [LAUGH] got a conflict, he doesn’t know what to hit Elias with next. >>Yeah, It’s like a big playroom for Braun. >>[NOISE] Wait a […]

6 things you need to know before tonight’s Raw: Feb. 4, 2019

[NOISE] An ever defiant Rollins, and Brock Lesnar, the beast, angry as he’s ever been before. Another F5! >>Show them! Brock! Show them!>>We officially know who the Royal Rumble match winners are challenging on the grandest stage of them all. But what is next on the road to WrestleMania? I’m Cathy Kelley and I’ve got […]

When Superstars snapped: WWE Top 10, June 25, 2018

[MUSIC]>>Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, there’s Sheamus!>>Look out, look out, look out! [SOUND] Man! Sheamus is livid! [SOUND] >>[SOUND]>>Big Show cost Sheamus an opportunity at the world title, and Sheamus making him pay!>>Sheamus is wearing out that giant with his steel chair.>>Hey, I don’t blame Sheamus. I do blame the referee due to his bad call, […]

Greatest Kings of the Ring: WWE Top 10, Aug. 17, 2019

[MUSIC] Finally, the royal lineage to the high kings of Ireland has been fulfilled.>>[APPLAUSE] >>Bow to your [INAUDIBLE] my subjects. The King cometh, long live the king.>>[APPLAUSE] >>I crown you, and you only, the true king of professional wrestling. And from this day forth, King Handsome Harley Race.>>[APPLAUSE] >>My goodness, what a round of boos, […]

Roman Reigns’ WWE Debut

highly-regarded a potential star on the rise CJ Parker a tough assignment as Roman Reigns has gotten a lot of the attention leading into this matchup but he is a worthy competitor in his old right a great opportunity for CJ Parker tonight because we’ve heard such a lot on with the build-up for Roman […]