… – What’s up, it’s Collins Key, and today, as you guys can tell by the title, i’m doing a try not to laugh challenge prt.2 … but first of all the video’s gonna get kinda lame rn cuz I’m getting my little bro join me Hey Ayy no hey – No, no, alright so […]

SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE w/the Merrell Twins | Collins Key

(yelling) (electronic music) – (screams) I can’t do it! (yelling and screaming) – Oh my god! Oh my god, they’re right there! – Is it ice cold? – No! (Laughing) (tape spinning) – What’s up, it’s Collins Key, and today I am here with – [Girls] The Merrell twins! – Today we are going to […]


Warning the following video contains stupid and dangerous activities. (YEAH) Do not attempt to reenact to recreate any of the following stunts or fails performed in this video… (YEAH) …and don’t forget to give this video a like. (NO!) I’ve been waiting for this one. OOH! It was at this moment Derrick knew he messed […]

The IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ Challenge (Fail) Sibling Tag | Collins Key vs Devan Key

What’s up it’s Collins Key! And welcome to the thursday vlog! In today’s video is going to be the most challenging video I have ever done, so I can’t do it alone, I need someone to help me out, my little brother Devan Key. [BOTH] aye! Here we go What’s up? So today Devan and […]

Ellen Reunites Superfan with Her Navy Boyfriend

As you know my birthday is this week and I’ve been getting a lot of amazing letters from my viewers. [CROWD CHEERING] Thank you. So I want to read one of the letters that I’ve gotten– “Good morning Miss Ellen, my name is Noah Copeland. And I’m a supply officer in the United States Navy. […]

Melitina Staniouta / Why I did not get the medal / life after Olympic games / Subtitles

Interviewer: You have had many chances to picture yourself with the medal that you wanted so badly. The medal which is so important for all the athletes. This is the medal of Olympics. What did you feel that last moments, when you were just one step away from the victory? and ended up without it… […]


– (groans in disgust) It’s weird, no! (laughing) (screams) What’s up, it’s Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog. Now for today’s video I need my little brother, Devan, to join me, but right now I think I heard him in the kitchen so I’m gonna try to make him teleport here. So let’s […]

The TRUTH About Dating a Fitness Competitor…

I'm I can Tiger shirt on how fitting is that God stop but it hello honey's a welcome to the vlog for today's video we are going to be discussing what it's like today the fitness competitor me you that wasn't even planned either that's just that's pretty good alright so I guess I kind […]

Falling For A Player? What To Do If You've Been Played Yet Are Falling For Him

what's going on everybody it's your favorite dating coach Eliot Scott and as you can see by the title but oh by the way for y'all who don't know my nipples are better now as you I didn't I didn't tan but my fucking nipples were on fire for about three four days so if […]

5 Accurate Signs This Guy Is a Total Player and Has No Intentions In Dating

what's going on everybody in favor dating coach Eliot Scott and as you can see by the title below we're going to talk about the five things five sides of this guy's a true down-to-earth player top notch you know grass fed grass bed player okay this guy's the real deal organic as you can […]