Sultans of Strength | Wrestling Culture In India | Documentary About Desi Kushti & Dangals

Kushti is a physical art. It is a means of expressing physicality. Strength. A means of developing, enforcing and maintaining strength. This is what kushti wrestling is. All pahalwans (Kushti Wrestlers) begin in the mud. Nobody starts learning kushti on the mat, in India. Everyone learns kushti, in their village akhara (Mud Wrestling Pit). Kushti […]

Pink Panther & Big Nose Face Off! | 77 Minute Competition Compilation

(chattering) AAH! AAH! (laughs) (hoofbeats approaching) (horse whinnies) (grumbles) (giggling) (grumbles) (whistle blows, echoes) (laughs) (whistle blows) (laughs) (laughing) HEY. HUH? HEY! (grumbles) (gasps) AAH! OOF. HUH? (laughing) (laughing) (whistles) (horn blows) (laughing) HUH? AAH! (birds chirping) (laughing) (laughing) AAH! AAH! (laughs) AH! MWAH. (laughs) AAH! (whistles) AAH! WHOA! (laughs) UGH. (party horns blow) (techno […]

The TRUTH About Dating a Fitness Competitor…

I'm I can Tiger shirt on how fitting is that God stop but it hello honey's a welcome to the vlog for today's video we are going to be discussing what it's like today the fitness competitor me you that wasn't even planned either that's just that's pretty good alright so I guess I kind […]

Acne, Fertility Issues in Men, Steroid dosages for Competitors – Ask the Doc

hi guys Dave mathematics and this is ask the dog the first one of 2015 dr. Wrenn how are you fantastic Happy New Year Happy New Year to you we actually skipped a week cause you were on vacation back home in Florida so this is actually don't return to the show for show of […]

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Pink Panther & Big Nose Face Off! | 77 Minute Competition Compilation

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How to be a Bikini Competitor | Everything you Need to Know

what's up you guys welcome back to my channel and welcome to another video today we're gonna be talking about getting started as a bikini competitor this is such a requested video like people ask me about this all the time and I recently put up a post on my Instagram and this was definitely […]