2500 Damage In a Tournament? – Doritos Bowl TwitchCon Tournament W/ Ninja,Goldglove & fearitself

On the outside of the Yeah by the tree, one ninety eight, one ninety eight Sheltech, a lot of sheltechs Oh God! Oh no! What was that? What just happened? A triple nade, all three of them, dead What the! I’m looking on your roof The second floor In the window. Hit him once, hit […]

All-Star Match | CWL Finals 2019 | Day 1

Are You a SWEATY Fortnite Player? (TEST)

You hear the word sweaty thrown around a lot when it comes To video games and it's pretty common for Fortnite players to call other players sweaty I'm sure you've heard it. But what exactly if does that mean what if you're being sweaty and you didn't even know it? What's up, guys Jimmy here […]

DrDisRespect & Shroud ▪ FIRST BLACKOUT DUO TOGETHER ▪ CODE RED 20K Tournament (10/18/18)

alright I'm all stretched out I just did the splits shot can you do this with absolutely not get a little bit tougher it's gonna be weird but let's go here okay I love it it's one of my favorite spots my favorite map it even play call of duty what you're talking about I […]

#1 BLACK OPS 4 Player in the WORLD.. (UNBEATABLE)

drop a like in five seconds or this bug will crawl on you today I would like if I were you guys every single day I'm gonna give you guys a PSN or Xbox code of your choosing all you have to do is subscribe drop a like and comment the console you play along […]

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Call of Duty® World League Championship 2019 Trailer

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