KARATE OLYMPIC GUIDE | Tokyo 2020 — Jesse Enkamp

In the year 2020, Karate will for the first time ever, be included in the Olympic Games. This is a historic moment for the sport of Karate, as millions of practitioners worldwide now have chance to shine themselves in the Olympic glory. But how will this happen? Where will it be held and who can […]

Beyblade Ultimate Tournament Collection Battle Test! New Hasbro Beyblades Toys !

hi guys welcome back to the Blast Zone today we finally got the beyblade burst evolution ultimate tournament collection it’s gonna be so awesome today guys because we’re gonna battle on sixes in a special thanks to thank you for hooking me up with this I really like this it already looks so awesome and […]

Beytuber Brawl : My First WBO Beyblade Burst Tournament Battles

hi guys welcome to the Blast Zone as you can see I’m still in New York City after the Beytuber Brawl I’m gonna show you some highlights from the Beytuber Brawl my battles are so crazy I thought it was gonna win but my hell salamander it’s really key T so yeah before we get […]

Adidas Predator Instinct small-sided tournament – Battle of the Nordics

[Music] hi John DeVoe municipal web TV and today we are in Stockholm with a DDoS where the turtle Arena has been turned into a complete real-life adidas predator cage and later in the evening a bunch of young players will compete in the Battle of the Nordic small-sided tournament with some epic prizes it’s […]

Funny Beyblade Squad Battle! Best SlingShock Tournament!

hi guys welcome back to the blast zone today I got my blast zone squad with me first tragic my name is silver bolt third day are you doing for red I’m the mini means today we’re gonna decide who’s the best slingshock blader these days I’m just gonna get less we got 15 you […]

The Rules of Olympic Weightlifting – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Olympic Weightlifting The object of the game is to lift more combined weight than your opponents. Weightlifting, sometimes referred to as Olympic Weightlifting is a true test of strength and power. Weightlifters are separated into weight class and must successfully lift a barbell with weights over their heads with complete […]

Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What’s up, everybody? We’re the Vagabrothers. And right now we are in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic games. We’re down here with LA 2024, the committee pushing for Los Angeles to host the 2024 Olympics. Our mission is to experience not just the games, but everything that happens in the city around them. […]

Olympic song / anthem ‘World Celebration’ for Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2016

‘World Celebration’ foi escrita por Danny Vandine. Direitos Autorais 2000. Interpretada por Blue World. Produzida por UpsideDown Productions, Sidney, Austrália. Acendemos uma tocha para simbolizar o início dos jogos, e reconhecer as contribuições de tantos jogadores. Em nossos corações, nós recordamos os melhores do passado e em nossa esperança nós nos focamos nos homens e […]

The Toughest Challenge In The WORLD

Hello guys, it’s Chris here right now hopefully you’re aware by now that head and shoulders is the official hair care partner of soft muddy uk and Today is the day they’ve challenged me to the course I’ve had my training sessions with hector and Mac And I’m ready to go now to fill in […]

Hypothetical Heavyweight Boxing Tournaments

This is Rummy’s Corner. BARBER 1: Oh come on man! What about Joe Louis? OLD MAN: “The Brown Bomber”. Now that was a great boxer! BARBER 1: He was badder than Cassius Clay, he was badder than Sugar Ray, he was badder than, now who that, the new boy? BARBER 2: Mike Tyson! BARBER 1: […]