They Say I'm One Of The Best Console Players…

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Fortnite Controller Players Should Try This AGAIN **Fortnite Console Tips**

you know what is gonna dudes welcome to the video today I want to make a quick video talking about something that I think is incredibly underrated and I don't think many people know and that's kind of a hidden feature of the new drum shotgun now everybody kind of knows the basics with this […]

Amazing Console Player – 1v1ing Best Player in My School!

Fortnite Console Players NEED To Try This **Best Console Tips**

Reacting To The SMARTEST Controller Player **Best Fortnite Build Player**

yo what is going on dudes welcome to the video today we are reacting to ghost assault a lot of you guys probably watched him on Twitch already is an incredibly skilled controller player if you don't definitely recommend checking him out he also has a youtube and I would again highly recommend it he's […]

Team BH 1v1 Tournament 1st Round

I guess it's your boy tanky and today we got something a little bit special for you guys we got a team ba to 1v1 bracket so yes all the players on BH are gonna go head to head until one victor stands and the victor is gonna get a little bit of prize money […]