(Trailer) Frequencies – The Music of League of Legends

the vibe is what matters more than anything we got to go and get capture the vibe does the character make sense with the art with the lure and with the music this is all one package if it does then we've all done our job and if it doesn't we can improve every bar […]

CGI VFX Breakdown HD "Winter Olympics Sochi " by Main Road Post | CGMeetup

Autocomplete (Fill-In-The-Blank Game With YouTube Engineers)

[موسيقى تعزف] مرحبًا. أنا نات. وأنا لو. لقد صنعنا مقطعي فيديو تتناول طريقةعمل YouTube. إذا كنت مهتمًا بذلك ولم تراها بعد، ستجد الروابط في وصف الفيديو ادناه. اثناء العمل اجرينا مقابلات مع هؤلاء المهندسين الرائعين في YouTube. ولكن بعدها أردنا ان نتعرف عليهم بشكل أفضل. لذلك اخترعنا هذه اللعبة الجديدة، والتي نسميها Autocomplete بناءًً على […]

Behind The Scenes on Justice League – Movie B-Roll & Bloopers

2 o no sí y en el camino waters strange pérez walker y después a ver hicieron facturas por 2 un amor monas y me han hablado de su informe amén yo saltar y a and friends rueda qué bajitas tentativa hombre o machismo el calor y entonces ya voy a celebrar día 3 no […]

Ellen's Game of Games – Dizzy Dash: Episode 1 (Highlight)

[cheers and applause] – We will play until someonegets three points or one of you is nauseous,whichever comes first. Nauseous is a hard word to say.I just realized. "Naw-sheous." Now listen carefullyfor the question. If Peter Piper pickeda peck of pickled peppers, and Betty boughta bit of butter, who picked pickled peppers? [audience cheering] [exciting […]

Game of Thrones: Game Revealed Reveals How TERRIBLE D&D Are

if you guys don't know what fucking hacks David Benioff and Dan Weiss are the producers and writers for the show I highly recommend you watch anomaly inks videos on the subject or dragon demands for more serious stuff so I wanted to make this video about the game revealed videos that HBO releases in […]

Bipolar Rock 'N' Roller (2018) | Full Documentary | SHOWTIME Sports

First Look at *RAIN* in GT SPORT!! (Nations Cup)

hi guys and so no sooner do we discuss the leaked vehicles at the Nations Cup events and of course the nation's Cup races are always a fantastic place to see new leaked stuff when it comes to updates in particular for Gran Turismo sport now we also have the final in action confirmation of […]

Roasting is Trump’s Game – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– I'll be honest with you, it's entertaining to watchJoe Biden roast Trump but I don't know ifit's the right approach. For two reasons, one,that's Trump's game, through and through. Like, you might be ableto do that for one speech, Trump has literally donethat his entire presidency. You know what I mean,that's all he knows, […]