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hello guys and welcome back as you can tell by the title today I'm gonna be talking about my experience on Abby's ultimate dance competition I am being completely honest here whether you like it or not if you don't want to hear me talk smack on some of your idols and click away so […]

RT Life – Rooster Teeth Olympics: Rio Rifles

Welcome to the 2nd Event of the Rooster Teeth Summer Games Many people don't know that shooting is legitimately an Olympic sport So… We're riffing on it. With human targets Uh… My strategy is that I'm a bred Texan. Been shooting guns since I was like – before I could walk or talk So, like. […]

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so players bring up your stealing Ultimates as a champion ability a lot it's something that I think is pretty common as a obvious thing that League of Legends is missing that's really cool but tech wise we've never really been able to do it when I told people that I was going to be […]

10 Disturbing Scandals At The Olympic Games

the Olympics are all about friendship sharing and sportsmanship at least that's what they tell us it also turns out that over the years the Olympics have been the source for an incredible amount of drama in extreme cases this drama spills over in a full-blown scandal from corrupt officials and judges to bad behavior […]

The Free Piano Sample Hit Parade + COMPETITION

welcome back to California mazing ly gorgeous morning it is so I thought have a look at some of these amazing submissions that you guys and girls have put forward for pana book and now available to download free from Kennebunk co uk links below use them on whatever you want except for making new […]