Gymnastics Competition Hair Tutorial | Whitney

today we are doing a hair tutorial for gymnastics mates so what we use is we just use a regular brush to brush out the tangles and this is the brush we use it's one of those fiber bristle brushes to get it very smooth and then have an x' if your grass nice new […]

Parami Wasanthi wins Sri Lanka's first Youth Olympic Medal

Anti Aging Male Facial – Players Barber Shop in Hatboro Pennsylvania

we're doing the mail anti-aging facial today helps a guy reduce fine lines and wrinkles it cleans dirt off his face that he never thought was even on there here we go right now I have a hot towel we're going to put on I'm putting some essential oil of lavender on it just a […]

Olympic Swimmer Tests Waterproof Makeup

– Hi, I'm Natalie Coughlin, I am a 12-time Olympicmedalist for USA Swimming and we're here at the CalBerkeley swimming pool where I am gonna testsome waterproof makeup. (synthwave music) I have never worn makeup at the Olympics. There was this girl when I was younger who would wear mascara and it would run downher […]

I Went Skating W/ An Olympic Figure Skater! (Adam Rippon)


lately I'm just calling uh I'm just calling about your son Thomas I I know uh last game it was a close call in the stands there and I'm just calling to apologize because I felt really badly about it ya know I have to a Polish I have to apologize and I'd like to […]

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