Family Fun Day at the Beach and playing in the sand with Ryan's Family Review!!!

you radio at the beach yeah yeah there's a monkey good morning Fleming morning everybody today's the first day at the port so we get to go to the beach today this is the first port we stopped the ships not moving anymore daddy you ready to go to the beach let's go yeah except […]

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Sesame Street: Bert And Ernie Water Sports

[WATER RUNNING] BERT: Ah, there. Well, Brad, I thinkwe're all ready. How about your bath now? BRAD: Take a bath. BERT: Yeah. ERNIE: Hi there, Bert. Hey, what are you doing? BERT: Oh, hi, Ernie. I'm just about to give mynephew Brad here a bath. ERNIE: Is that right? BERT: Yeah. ERNIE: Hi there, Brad,how […]

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