2nd Annual “Sharing Shoes” Basketball Clinic

The Sharing Shoes Basketball Clinic is a clinic to raise awareness for the basketball community and the athletic community as a whole in Fairfax County to have proper footwear, keep kids active and so on. The clinic is going to be at Paul VI High School, on December 1, 2019 and it is going to […]

Basic Basketball Moves & Drills : Basketball Skills: Jump Shot

The next drill we’ll discuss is basic jump shot. Okay, for your basic jump shot, your hand position is very important. A lot of people make a mistake–well, I won’t say a mistake because everybody has their own individual way of shooting, and I’m not really trying to change up your shot or correct your […]

Basketball Tips : How to Get in Shape for Basketball

One important thing about playing the game of basketball, is being and staying in shape. Hi, I’m Travis, and this is how you stay in shape, for the game of basketball. First of all, what you want to do, is you want to consult with your doctor, to make sure you’re physically able to do, […]

Minecraft – How To Make a NBA Basketball Backboard – Custom Maps

HoW to make a NBA Basketball Backboard You will need: 6 Quartz stairs, 2 Quartz blocks, 6 Fences, 6 Item frames, 1 button, 6 custom maps, 1 leather helmet, 1 basketball First, let’s build the stand itself. I used https://mc-map.djfun.de/ to make custom maps! Now, let’s add the basketball net and the hoop. You’ll find […]

Lifetime Telescoping Pole to Base Assembly for Portable Basketball System

In this instructional video, we will be assembling the pole to the base of a telescoping pro-court basketball system. Note, your Basketball System may look slightly different than the model shown in this video, but the steps performed will still apply. Locate a pole brace and attach the flat end to the base with the […]

Malaysia & Zell Swag Aren’t Feeling Jennifer | Basketball Wives

– Thank you. – Ooh, my titty came out, see? [laughter][upbeat music]– Jackie and I, we’re slowly making strides,and me going to her play is just a signthat I’m trying to work in the right direction. – Hello. – Hi.– I know that the play is about domestic violence.I also know that the writer is […]

BFB 9: This Episode Is About Basketball

[upbeat music] Stapy! Will you play eat the dirt with me? Yeah! Wait, did you say EAT the dirt? [music stops] Uh, you know Marker, I think I’ll pass on this one. [music starts again] Hey Marker! ♪ intro ♪ Da. [tick] Da. [tick] Dadadadadadadada! [Clock ringing] Huuunnnghgnn!! Doesn’t that mean it’s time for— Cake […]

BOYS vs GIRLS Basketball Trick Shot H.O.R.S.E. Battle! PART 2

what does everybody welcome back to the channel in May end of May early June we had a video with with these two Mia and Jenna it was boys versus girls picked up horses we don’t need to talk about that part that was the very first time I met Jenna and me and now […]