What it do EB and J fam back again with another video today is kind of a different videos not so much I think you guys really enjoy it hold on are you doing okay alright there you go as you can see on the competitors getting ready for her match so competitive we’d like […]

How to get better at basketball

On today’s episode we’re going to show you how you can improve as a basketball player and all you need is this Welcome to X-ray Basketball the show that takes a deeper look into basketball I’m Coach Logan And what we really want to do with this channel is we want to provide an opportunity […]

The Killer Crossover The Best Move For Guards on the Basketball court

what’s going on guys this is Marques Johnson aka flex on da gram and today imma break down one of my favorite moves if you master this you’re gonna be catching bodies all over the court alright the killer crossover we’re gonna get right into it so stay with me let’s do it we’re gonna […]

BJ BOSTON | Game City: Showtime | Champs Sports x Mars Reel

(intense music) (net swish) – 41, 42. 105. Early on, coach told me to count every shot, every day. 320. Otherwise, it’s all just a blur. We’re all simply a product of our environment. (crowd cheering) Grounded by the hours we spend in the world we create, my world is between these lines. (birds chirping) […]

Fairfax VS Westchester | Game City: The Rivalry | Champs Sports x Mars Reel

– Fairfax vs. Westchester. – This is the biggest rivalry in the country. You step in that gym, it’s electric. – The place is shakin’. It’s all or nothin’ on that court. (hip-hop music) (suspenseful music) – It starts months before. (crowd cheering) We get the schedule, and we circle the dates. (people shouting) – […]

Is IMG Academy THE AVENGERS of High School Hoops? 👊🏽 | SLAM Day in the Life Ep. 1

Where’d you cover that I got your bones and I got em, it’s a little Okay, hey, okay I Came here because This is nice. Yeah, New Jersey Noah Farrakhan, yeah, I think I saw Noah friend. I’m pleased I was like, yeah, I need to play for that point does Well know is kind […]

The G.O.A.T.s | Hardest Player to Guard

hardest player I've had to guard the hardest player I ever had to guard was how this planet took judge um hardest player I've ever had to guard that's a tough question the hardest player that I ever had to guard was Paul Pierce he was at the end of his career he was real […]

2HYPE 2 vs 2 NBA Basketball Tournament!

oh I didn't see you there welcome to the kitchen I have some exciting news I'm picking off my partnership with Hoppa for the second year in a row now I absolutely love how pockets big thank you to them for partnering with me putting me on the teams now I've been eating hot pocket […]

NBA Most Under Rated Players OF ALL TIME

the hall-of-fame a place every NBA player wants to end up every year a new class is selected and more men join the ranks of the greatest players to ever play the game but do they always get a right or there's some guys that deserve to get in that don't and gets left on […]