Monster Truck Dan Plays Soccer | Cartoons For Kids

Monster Truck Dan Plays Soccer

Sian starts off soccer match with the first kick, plus a cool ceremony! [TROS/2018.01.07]

You must practice for the first kick-off event. – Let’s go. / – What is that? It’s the kick-off event. Okay. (Yodeling) – Isn’t this… / – Isn’t this yours, Dad? Is that yours, Dad? Is this yours, Dad? Why did your pitch change like that? Donggook’s hard efforts earned these trophies. What is that, […]

Learn Colors with Soccer Balls | Bob The Train Fun Series – Kids TV


Soccer Song Superhero Nursery Rhyme Cartoon for Kids by The Supremes

“Hello friends! Ready for a game of Football?” Hold the ball in your hands Bounce bounce bounce Kick the ball all around Kick kick kick Roll the ball on the ground Roll roll roll And shoot it through the goal post Goal goal goal That’s football! Football Yeah! That’s football! Football Yeah! Let’s go to […]

Score The Basket | Pepee Cartoon Shows | Stories For Children – Kids Channel

Score The Basket – Pepee Cartoon

Basketball Song | One Zeez play Basket | Kids songs and dance

Slam Dunkin we’re funky Dunkin’ Slam Dunkin we’re funky dunkin’ Slam Dunkin we’re funky dunkin’ Slam dunkin we’re funky dunkin’ Bounce the ball between your legs Bounce the ball right off your head when i get into my bed I dream of basketball instead Slam dunkin we’re funky dunkin’ Slam dunkin we’re funky dunkin’ Slam […]

Bad Mad Baby Hits Crying Baby With Football | learn colors soccer balls | for kids


Dear Ryan – Do a Basketball Trick Shot!

[Lighthearted music] Easy! [Dramatic music] [bell] [Baby crying sound] [Dramatic music stops] AHH! YOU! [Baby crying sound] [Dramatic music resumes] [Suspenseful music] Voiceover: It all comes down to this. Everything I worked for―all my hopes, my dreams― all comes down to one kick. Dad, I hope I make you proud. [Toilet flushing sound] [Dramatic music […]

Soccer for Kids! ~ Ryu’s Soccer Journal ~ Game day VS All-Stars & fun at the Museum!

Coming up next… November 2nd. Ryu’s Soccer Journal! Today, we were supposed to go against the Las Vegas Desert Storm. But… they forfeited! So the Sports Center put together an All-Star team. They picked all the best players in the league. This is gonna be hard… Marseille turn! But I call it… Ryu turn! So […]

Sumo Wrestling | Deviled Eggz | Kids Funny Cartoons Videos

Sumo Wrestling… Deviled Eggz…