Ellen’s First Baby Olympics: Curling Edition

Since we can’t be at the Olympics, I wanted to bring the Olympics to us. So, today, I’m kicking off my own competition. Let’s meet our three athletes for our first Ellen Baby Olympics. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. First of all, representing Oceanside, California, we have baby Coleman and his mom, Natalie. Coleman is seven […]

TuTiTu Toys | Phone

TUTITU what’s the new surprise TUTITU shapes in every size TUTITU parts that comes together to a new toy and a new adventure TU TU TUTITU is it a plane? TU TU TUTITU maybe a train TU TU TUTITU red green or blue TU TU TUTITU I love you [cheerful piano music] [boing sound] [whooshing […]

Sports Balls Song for Kids | Pancake Manor

You throw this ball through the hoop A BASKETBALL You kick this ball through the goal A SOCCER BALL You hit this ball over the net A TENNIS BALL And you hit this ball over a tiny net A TABLE TENNIS BALL Let’s bounce like a ball Bounce, Bounce, Bounce (like a ball) You hit […]

A Football League just for Kids | India Plays – S1E04

*KIDS CHEERING* *PARENTS CHEERING* Come on…lets get a win. Just having the ball in their feet… they really enjoy. Hi Hello Most of them always wants to score. They always wanted to be like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Thank you. In any sport if you look, especially in football, you need muscle memory. The […]

iCry2Talk – Road to the World Championship

>> From Greece, Team iCry2Talk. >> I am Anastasia. >> I'm Andreas. >> I'm Jason. >> We are Team iCry2Talk. >> When we heard aboutImagine Cup competition, it was like a no-brainer for us to form a team and participate. Participating in the finalsis a huge step for us, because it is a reward forthe […]

Floor is Lava Challenge in Game Master Spy Hideout to Rescue YouTubers!

– Daniel, this is the Floor isLava Challenge in real life. – Are you ready?– All right, let's do this. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Hey ZamFam, it's Rebecca andhere is your mission debrief. In my last video, we did theLast to Fall Into the Pool Challenge with Ro Pansinoand a Quadrant Member and […]

Know Your Player: The Newbie

you don't know who you are because you just started playing you through your character sheet together with the help of another player and got extremely bored now you run around the world killing half of everyone you see treating the game like tabletop Skyrim with a couple other people doing whatever you're the newbie […]

Funny Baby Crawling Competition

T-Rex Loves Jumping Rope | Dinosaur Jump Role Competition | Kids Song | BabyBus