True Confessions with Chris Hemsworth and Kumail Nanjiani

-Just three men with beards hanging around a table. Three equally handsome men. -Yes. Thank you. -We’re all exactly the same. -Attractive people. Here’s how this works. In front of us are two envelopes containing confessions. One confession is true. The other is a lie. Once you read your confession, the other two players have […]

Teen Titans Go, YouTube No! Rumble League Tournament #2 & 3 by KIDCITY

we have breaking news I can’t see that we have breaking news regarding our shake rubble matches the news is is that YouTube really doesn’t like wrestling content they all like wrestling videos every time we try to do a sheikh Rumble match they take it down WWE 2k 17 pound took an 18 down […]

Titans Season 2 Teaser – Superboy and Justice League Scene Easter Eggs Breakdown

anybody seen the bus keys where'd you leave them for 45 minutes right here another girl that's real irresponsible Vic I bet Aquaman never loses his keys two more minutes Rita then I'm taking it off the hinges damn what did you do Larry I didn't do anything it was him it well could you […]

Titans Justice League Scene – Donna Troy Episode Easter Eggs


man look at the streets over here GTA 5 just looks so bad these days I wish I could use Santos superpowers to save the world even though he's a bad guy in the movies I think I could use his powers for good oh it's a new day already I only slept for like […]

Drafting the Avengers | SJU (w/ NFL Players Melvin Gordon & Ian Thomas)

that's on me tonight Spencer Joe hey remember how we did a video called San Diego Comicon wrap-up we're not done every time we're out we're double wrapping it we're done we're double wrapping our Comic Con coverage this is kind of cool dan dan got to do this over Comic Con weekend we're gonna […]

Superman, Hulk & Yoshi OH MY! Super Hero Team Rumble League Tournament #4 by KIDCITY

what's up everybody is dead city flash and we are back with part 4 of our shake Rumble tournament yeah this is last match of round 1 Team Green Team 5 vs. team Mean Green oh man I wanted you to vote for team name Green so you can put on the Yoshi costume I […]

The Avengers vs The Justice League | MCU vs DCEU

what's going on everybody Garrick here with key issues and this whole video is from our podcast where Nick and I did a deep dive into who would win the DC extended universe Justice League versus the Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers we're going to be doing a lot more vs. videos in the future we've […]

New Avengers Game Footage Review, Details and More – Marvel Games Panel San Diego Comic Con 2019

JUSTICE LEAGUE – Superman v. The Justice League RESCORED with Junkie XL/Hans Zimmer Music