3 Types of Soccer Fitness Training | Improve Soccer Fitness | COACH MY SKILLS

God its so cold, can’t even speak properly. Hi guys, Chris here from Coach My Skills. Coming today here with another short video for you. I’ve had a couple of requests about this one, so today I’m doing Soccer fitness. Now there are many aspects to Soccer fitness. You’ve got things like speed, endurance, stamina, […]


(music) It’s media day It’s media day Got number 3 out Zac what you got to say? (music) What you got to say about media day bush? It’s media day!!! Go baby Let’s go aye…ahhhh aye..ahhhhh time of the year, let’s go baby let’s go bush what you got to say about media day payt? […]

Basketball Rules & Regulations : Basketball Rules: Double Dribble

OK, the next penalty, or ball handling penalty, that I would like to discuss is the double dribble. The double dribble is any dribble that requires more that hand. OK? This is the basic dribble, using one hand. If you dribble with two hands, that’s a double dribble. Also, if you’re dribbling, you pick up […]

What It Takes To Be A World Cup Soccer Player

I was just like a man on a mission since I was six. I think everybody’s born with a talent. It’s about you to discover what your talent is and then try to master it. And for me it was scoring. I just knew, okay, I’m a scorer. I can shoot with my left and […]

BLIND People Can Play Soccer?!?


Who need’s practice, you all need a barber. What it do EBandJ family. So today EB is checking in I’m taking the vlog over for a few days umm my basketball team, BYU basketball is heading to New Mexico for an exhibition game that will all the funds from the will go to the hurricane […]

John McEnroe Would Like to See More Trash Talking in Tennis

-How are you? -I am exhilarated to be here. -I thank you very much. -Right. Exhausted little bit from the last couple weeks. But it ended with a blast. I mean, it was amazing match in the final. And Serena got to the final. So that was good. -It was a great U.S. Open. It’s […]


when I’m on the court it’s kind of like my escape from everything I’m extremely competitive like ridiculously can I want every single point I don’t want anyone to get a point off of me you

Jousting: The Ultimate Sport

Today we’ve been at the physio and sports science centre at the University of Bath to access the physical characteristics of a jousting athlete or a knight. We’ve been measuring endurance, strength, agility and core stability. But there’s other factors that come into this that make it much harder. So once the armour goes on, […]