I am a Gymnast ft. Pirjo Wolfisberg – Youth Olympic Games

Gymnastics for me is really special because we can jump very high. I love it. It feels like I’m flying. The most important part of my body is my legs. We have to have explosiveness, energy and elegance. In gymnastics, our mind is just as important as our bodies. It’s 50% mind and 50% body. […]

Kerri Strug’s Unforgettable Determination to Win Gymnastics Olympic Gold | Strangest Moments

Injuries in sport – they’re unavoidable. For an athlete, injuries are part of life, but when they strike at the Olympic Games, they can put careers and legacies in jeopardy. Sometimes, pushing through the pain barrier is the only way to win a medal, but when it’s gold at stake, anything goes. US gymnast Kerri […]

Russia’s most successful gymnast, Svetlana Khorkina’s legend lives on | Legends Live On

She’s a sports legend. She’s a gymnastics legend throughout the world. I paved the way for gymnastics in the 21st century and for the great gymnasts. To stay ten years at this level is something unique. And she has this charisma, a certain attitude that makes you notice her. I’d have a one-on-one discussion with […]

The Tokyo 2020 Journey Begins | All Around

For every athlete, the main goal is the Olympics. Even just taking part, because it’s so important. This is for the European Games. We had to shorten the trousers because they were too long! Congratulations on the Olympics! Congratulations to you, too! I’ve been invited to carry some torch ahead of the European Games. It […]

The Story of Nadia Comaneci, Gymnastics’ Perfect 10 Icon | Legends Live On

It’s been 40 years since the perfect 10. The first time in the history of the sport, a perfect 10. You’re just in awe, you want to replicate the exact same thing but it is very difficult and that’s why she’s the only one that has gotten it. You have to give Nadia a tremendous […]

Cheerleaders vs Gymnasts – Laurie Hernandez’ Workout challenge | Hitting the Wall

Safe. (HITTING THE WALL) (HITTING THE WALL) (JULIAN AND AUSTIN TRAIN FOR GYMNASTICS) It’s so cool to be in New Jersey today. Babe, we’ve got to get going. We’ve got to meet up with Laurie Hernandez. I can’t wait to try out her Olympic workout. Me too. Hop on. Let’s get going. (MORGANVILLE, NEW JERSEY, […]

Disability Gymnastics – a sport for everyone

ALEX: I’m Alex Clifford, a Disability Gymnast. A Disability Gymnastics programme has been in place at British Gymnastics since 1985. The sport used to be known as ‘GMPD’ and it has now been changed to ‘Disability Gymnastics’ We’re going to show you some of the benefits and how you can get involved in this fantastic […]

Japan’s #1 in Artistic Gymnastics on his way to #YOG2018 | Youth Olympic Games

I am Takeru Kitazono and I am a Gymnast. Up to now, the achievement I am most proud of is coming first in the individual all-around in the qualifiers and being chosen to represent Japan at the Youth Olympic Games. I first became interested in gymnastics when I was in the first year of elementary […]

Nadia Comaneci’s Perfect Ten In Montreal 1976 | The Olympics On the Record

In most Olympic sports, it is clear who has won. Who threw the furthest, who jumped the highest, who crossed the finishing line first. Artistic gymnastics is not one of those sports. It is won or lost on the opinion of the judges, whose job is to assess technique, control, execution, plus that hard-to-define element […]

RE-LIVE | Day 06: Artistic Gymnastics | Youth Olympic Games 2018 | Buenos Aires