Apple Watch Series 5 // Sports & Fitness First Run & Tests

Hey folks, this is Ray from, and today I have your first impressions or first look or first whatever the heck you want to call it; including a first run of the new Apple Watch Series 5. Now, I pedaled out this morning and picked it up along with a new iPhone 11 Pro- […]

Product Red Sport Loop for Apple Watch – Review

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and this is a brand new sport loop from Apple it’s in product red and as you can see here it says sport loop hook and loop enclosure and it comes in at their normal fee of $49 so it’s pretty expensive but all of their watchbands are at […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 hands-on: bezel control is back

(techno music) – Hey this is Dan from The Verge and this the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It’s the latest smart watch from Samsung and it actually joins the Galaxy Watch Active that was released earlier this year. Samsung is going to be selling both of these at the same time so you […]

September Event 2018 — Apple

[ Music ] [ Music ]>>Hey Siri, what’s the fastest way to Steve Jobs Theater?>>Take a right. Then in a quarter mile, take a– [ Music ]>>Kevin? Shouldn’t you be at the event? [ Sound effect ]>>That’s a serious upgrade. [ Music ]>>Is that it? [ Music ] Tim, it’s here. [ Music ]>>The clicker. […]

Samsung Gear Sport or Gear S3 Which should you buy? What is the difference?

hello again YouTube that's mr. analytical here with another video on the popular samsung's smartwatches so what I wanted to do today was really to compare the Samsung gear s 3 with the Samsung gear sport for all you guys or maybe right there trying to say which one to buy coming up to Christmas […]