2019 Lego American Ninja Warrior #1stCartoonCrush Showdown COMPETITORS LINEUP (Stage 1)

everybody is me online and I am back with the stage one lineup for the 2019 lingo Mary enjoy hashtag first cartoon crush showdown now I'm actually in the bathroom of the resource room at my school so I need to make this as quick as possible while making this as most understandable as possible […]

Competitor With One Leg Crushes The ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course | TODAY

yeah something incredible happened is the first round of competition and the goal is to make it as far as you can through a difficult there's a difficult obstacle course yes all right impossible for most people so a lot of people have fallen on the very first obstacle just a handful of people have […]

The Best of the All Stars Team Competition (Season 9)

All Stars Skills Competition – Mega Spider Climb (Season 9)

All Stars Skills Competition – Striding Steps (Season 9)

we're going big it's our steel competition it's a speed and balance challenge on this riding step are you kidding me first up Thomas delays the title defense begins all right [Applause] a little trouble planning is beep right there what the genie means ahead Marie for one thing we know about Jake Murray he […]

American Ninja Warrior All Star Skills Competition – Super Salmon Ladder (Season 8)

American Ninja Warrior All Star Skills Competition – Supersonic Shelf Grab (Season 8)

[Applause] this is the supersonic shelf craft and we're starting at nine and a half feet and up yet Meagan Martin nagging is your turn okay girl good pressure girl watch it all right mega barn is so strong now we always talk about the let's say what is the same look at the extra […]

Top Seven Female American Ninja Warrior Competitors

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