Soccer Game Day

– Game time. – Game time. – And a slushie! (upbeat, melodic music) (excited yelling) Are you excited? – Yayte! – Yayte! We’re watching the keepers right now. – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, entering the field, the pregame warmups, please welcome the United States professional team! (cheering) – [Marissa] Alex Morgan! – Wait, I’m here, […]

Unlucky Moments in Basketball

Dill Tomast is catch-and-shoot point six remaining Knicks out of timeouts they’ve got to do it here Anthony guarded Marvin Williams is going to be posingues On the court they’re saying it counts Did he get it off before the zeroes Oh, that’s close he busted the play though. He was supposed to go down […]



NFL Week 12. Myles Garrett, Le’Veon Bell & Sports Betting on Green Light Podcast | Chalk Media

Detroit Lions vs. Washington Redskins final score predictions

welcome to week 12 of the NFL’s regular season and I apologize in advance because I have no good news here for you Lions fans. The Lions enter the week 3-6-1after losing to the Dallas Cowboys at home. 35 to 27. In a very strange atmosphere where Ford Field was actively cheering more for the […]

Odell Beckham Jr. is Kickin’ it with Bayern Munich | OBJ Going Global | NFL

Soccer was what I played when I was three years old. It was the first sport I ever really played, and it was truly my first love. I had the chance when I was about 13, going into 14 year old. I had been playing in these little premiere leagues of soccer, training and practice […]

Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys final score predictions

Welcome to week 11 of the NFL’s regular season. The Lions host the Cowboys this weekend at Ford Field. You can catch this game 1:00 p.m. on Fox. After two straight weeks on the road with zero wins to show for it, the Lions season is hanging in the balance, if it’s not already off […]

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears final score predictions

Welcome back everybody we’re heading into a pivotal week ten matchup between the Bears and the Lions in Chicago. This could be somewhat of an elimination game in the NFC North if it isn’t already. The Lions playoff hopes are down to 4% right now. The Lions come in 3-4-1 fresh off a heartbreaking loss […]

Detroit Lions vs. Oakland Raiders final score predictions

welcome back everyone for the first time in a month we’re doing one of these videos fresh off of a Lions victory. Detroit beat the Giants at home last week 31 to 26. Matthew Stafford keeps on slinging that ball without much of a running game. 342 yards, three touchdowns in Detroit’s 31-26 win over […]

Top 10 Strangest Moments in Sports (ft. Gritty) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Top 10 Strangest Moments in Sports Sports are amazing. But sometimes, the strangest things can happen that nobody would ever see coming. Before I get into it: subscribe to my channel and click that notifications tab to see my new vids as and when they come out. Shameless plug, I know. #1 […]