Adidas Predator Instinct small-sided tournament – Battle of the Nordics

[Music] hi John DeVoe municipal web TV and today we are in Stockholm with a DDoS where the turtle Arena has been turned into a complete real-life adidas predator cage and later in the evening a bunch of young players will compete in the Battle of the Nordic small-sided tournament with some epic prizes it’s […]

Before Usain Bolt – The First Jamaican Sprint Star Arthur Wint – London 1948 Olympics

The 400m metres final. A British Commonwealth and United States battle with McKenley and Wint of Jamaica and Whitfield of the USA. They’re off. World record holder McKenley dashes into the lead and at the half way mark is almost 10 yards up on the rest of the field. Coming into the home stretch it’s […]

Smithy at Sports Personality of the Year | BBC Sport Relief 2010

Now it’s time for one of the most prestigious awards of the night sports personalities coach of the year gary Thanks sue to present the award for coach of the year i’m delighted to welcome britain’s greatest, ever olympian sir steve redgrave Thank you for joining us assisting This, year has been a fantastic. Year […]

Disability Gymnastics – a sport for everyone

ALEX: I’m Alex Clifford, a Disability Gymnast. A Disability Gymnastics programme has been in place at British Gymnastics since 1985. The sport used to be known as ‘GMPD’ and it has now been changed to ‘Disability Gymnastics’ We’re going to show you some of the benefits and how you can get involved in this fantastic […]


yo entreno muy duro para estar aqui el dia de hoy yo entreno muy duro tu eres mi hermano pero yo soy el numero uno oro para mi nación para mi nación oro para mi nación para mi nación yo soy el numero uno

The Great Khali: WWE Star Turns Teacher With Wrestling Academy

00:18 COMM: This seven foot one inch wrestler known as The Great Khali, once ruled the glitzy world of WWE. Now he’s set up his own wrestling academy. And he’s a though taskmaster. 00:58 COMM: Khali left India to wrestle in Japan, before ending up at the pinnacle of WWE in the USA. There he […]

Scoring 18 HOLE-IN-ONES *Mini Golf Trick Shots* | That’s Amazing

yeah one hole down I haven’t heard Matthew yet they got their first hole-in-one I heard them all cheer I don’t know if I can get this so this is my caddy drew what club should I use they’re going a whole sixteen massive loop and I’ve got a plan for this one this is […]

Kitesurfing Soma Bay red sea Egypt 2017 sport gopro livestream windsurfing extreme sport

ja ja dit is kai zeer goed ja ik krijg daar china potje sleutel het is carrière dus weer met het feit te bereiken [Muziek] [Muziek] s [Muziek] o nee o nee [Muziek] oh oh god heb je ze limiet

Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World – Part 2!

Ninh explains the Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World … part 2. Wait, didn’t you already do one of these? I certainly did. It recently got over 1 million views and a hell of a lot of comments – so thank you very much for watching and subscribing and if you haven’t already do […]

Biggest School In the World – City Montessori India

00:02 COMM: The first day in class is a daunting prospect, so imagine being one of the 47,000 pupils on the register of the world’s biggest school. 00:11 COMM: City Montessori in Lucknow, India, is so large that no venue is big enough to hold an entire school assembly. Dr. Jagdish Gandhi has the unenviable […]