you did it Alexis you're finally scored you must feel like a million pounds no no apparently that's a lot of normal people right follow my advice it's very simple step one pick up the ball step two give it to someone else I still have won nine games in a row the hyper starting […]

TOP 10 Highest Paid Players in Europe.

[Applause] hello welcome to rich files this is a video about top 10 highest paid players in Europe so let's begin at number 10 we have Masato so from Arsenal Football Club he earns 1.6 million euros per month while number 9 its Kylian ba K from PSG who earns 1 point 7 3 million […]

Paul Pogba answers quick-fire questions | Times Sport

Top 10 Worst Ever Arsenal Players

listen we've had some great players are some football club none more great than this man right here Thierry Henry what a great player he was and that's why he's got a statue at asshole Football Club however we've had some terrible players here also in this video before I do let's take a look […]

Every MAN UNITED Young Player of the Year: Where Are They Now?

Last Season's Premier League Flops XI: What Happened Next?

when last season ended we produced a flops 11 creating a team of players who didn't match expectations and severely underwhelmed well almost 12 months on let's not exactly how these players have reacted and how they've done this season Engle was Joe Hart the former England number one had had an awful season alone […]