Gabriel Union

Hey let’s jump into it so Gabrielle union’s name has been buzzing around for the past week because she was fired from the show America’s Got Talent now at first no one really knew why she was fired the rumor was she was released because she spoke up about racism on the show well now […]

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This guy Oh, man Say something given for you And if you You're the dialer and I'm sad After our incredible journey, we are thrilled to be back on America's Got Talent the champions We have been so lucky to travel around the world We also received tons of mail people want to know everything […]

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hi guys alright well listen I'm up against the best of the best not just in America in the world yeah can you give me a little confidence instead of shooting me down I'm Tom Cotter I'm a stand-up comic I'm 55 years old and I was the runner-up on season 7 of America's Got […]