Kyle Llamas – College Soccer Recruiting Highlight Video – Class of 2019

It’s gonna be a foot race Llamas with a very distinctive hairstyle it will be easy to pick up very speedy does good work inside and out of the wings

[ENG SUB] “Shooting Step” & “Stepback” Workout | [StayFocus basketball]

If I pass the ball, you catch the ball with one step. And it’s a drill that shooting after two extra one-steps. Be careful not to release 1-2 step, and both feet should land on the floor at the same time. This is not the position of the ball before shooting. The ball has to […]

Soccer for Kids! ~ Ryu’s Soccer Journal ~ L.A. Galaxy Soccer camp & Christmas fun! #FilmoraVlogmas

Welcome to my Holiday Special episode! Welcome to L.A. Galaxy camp! There are many famous players that played for L.A. Galaxy. Ibrahimovic David Beckham And Robbie Keane. I was the youngest kid at the soccer camp. The coach was teaching us how to control the ball. He asked who can do it. I was the […]

Money and scandal in youth basketball

Basketball in America is like one giant commercial for athletic footwear giants. And Nike, Adidas and Under Armour start their pursuit of the best athletes early in their teens or younger. Dial back to look at the athletic shoe industry generally. Basketball shoes have been the driver. And so there is an interest in LeBron […]

Greg Monroe aka “Moose” | Aus der NBA zum FC Bayern Basketball | presented by adidas

„ELCH“ – Can you say it? ELCH? I am happy to be here and it has just been… (MUSIC STARTS) You could just feel my heart beating through my suit and everything. Bavario! How does it feel, your first time in Lederhosen? I feel like Bavario. I grew up on the westside of New Orleans, […]

How to Make a $10k Pair of Shoes from Scratch: The Shoe Surgeon


Now, we’re always talking about football boots, but even if you find the perfect boot for you it can still kind of suck if you have a bad football sock. Myself, I have tried a s**t tonne football socks over the years good and bad. Really, really bad. So today, I’m giving you my top […]


– [All] Good morning. – Hello. Welcome to Wednesday. I actually got out of a bed at a decent time. – Yeah. – Actually early, I’d say. I got out of bed early. – And Sierra’s all ready for the day so we’re just chit chatting. – Super cute. So what’s today’s Spirit Day? – […]

Tennis star Ana Ivanovic on the PlaySight SmartCourt

I’ve never used anything like PlaySight before. I’m very visual player, and I learn by watching. I use to do a lot of video recordings. Unfortunately, when I was young it was not so accessible as is it now. Obviously PlaySight plays a big role in a new growing technology. What impressed me the most […]

Tennis Warehouse takes you Behind the Scenes at adidas | adidas Brandography

athlete (noun): a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. [Claus] The brand is fascinating and if you look at the timings were just celebrating 70 years of adidas and no other brand can do that we were the first ones who had clay court shoes we were the first […]