Giant REWIND Musical in REAL LIFE to TRAP Hacker! (Game Master Battle Royale) | Rebecca Zamolo

– This is it. This is the Zamfam rewind where we are going to take down Mr. X and we’re gonna stop the switch too. Are you guys ready? – I know what you guys are doing here. – No! – Oh no! – You okay? – She doesn’t know how to hack. Nothing else […]


So Lizzy Sharer are you ready to do the 24 hour box fort challenge tonight? we’re challenged you don’t know huh you didn’t tell her no we don’t you’re doing the Haunted box fort challenge again it’s gonna be even more scary this time yeah yeah because not only be doing at 3:00 a.m. in […]

PAPA JAKE – BOX FORT BABY (Official Music Video)

Ay yo this is papajake if you wanna build a boxfort you Gotta start with some tape I’m talking ducktape(yeah) Don’t make no mistake you want your fort to survive you can stay alive We only source finest cardboard right behind hardware store We keep finding more an more In 24 hours we gonna make […]

BOX FORT BASKETBALL COURT NBA 2K18 📦🏀Basketball Mini Games, Trick Shots & More!

I call this the ronaldo! AYYYOOOOOO! what’s going on guys, papa jake from team empathy and we are back with a brand, new Video and today guys we are doing the five story box fort that’s, why We’re going on wait a minute of the five stories, don’t take it it’s way too dangerous We […]

BIGGEST BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CHALLENGE! 📦💰24 Hour: Basketball Court, Jumping Castle, Gaming Setup

alright guys let’s go check out what Logan’s been up to you know this looks awesome of course guys once the lights are off we still have the LED backlighting but if we want to change that you know we can make it like red or something like that that looks pretty sweet too now […]

WORLDS BIGGEST BOX FORT!! 24 Hour Challenge: Basketball Court, NERF WAR, Segway & More!

Wow did you throw the 5/4 see you guys in the morning Jake what are you looking at I’m so bored I’m looking a board on Google Images that sounds like fun no no it isn’t look it isn’t function bzees little good to be out there make it fast that’s my Colin you know […]

Trying To Become An Arm Wrestling Champion In A Day

(Sound) >>Arm wrestling on this week’s episode of Toxic Masculinity. What matters more, technique or just brute strength? (Noise) >>Well I’m about to find out. (Music) So far today I’ve learned about various techniques. The whole bringing your wrist in and turning it in and then also getting a higher vantage point, you have more […]


down my name is Miss McGillicuddy and today we’re history box forts and box fort creation the history of early box fort creation today’s lesson leonardo de cardboards theory of tape logan Papa Jake learned the theory of tape a long time ago okay this history class is spooky here Jake come on man where’s […]

BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL!! 📦🚌 Gym Class, Dodgeball, Detention & More!

box for its past for the counter you learned everything you need to know about making boxes do you guys know how much of an average roll of duct tape can hold up oh well you’ll learn it here I probably xbox for Academy there you go Easy’s get into bed are you sleep tight […]

THE GAME MASTER IS FAKE! GM FACE REVEAL to prove TRUTH about Hacker | Rebecca Zamolo

believe they're liars they're lying they're going to lie to you she's right here sorry we're late what's going on stop pulling we like we're walking yeah well I can't I can't we didn't kick you out of the car go hey get him right now we're trapped in the test light taking us somewhere […]