10 WWE Wrestlers With Surprising Hidden Talents

Here are 10 WWE Superstars with surprising hidden talents 10: The Miz (Sewing) Everytime the Miz enters a WWE arena,   fans can expect him to be dressed in some elaborate garment, feeding into the former Champion’s ego as the most must-see WWE Superstar in history. After over a decade and a half since his […]

Aprenda a Fazer o gol do meio campo no Dream League Soccer 2018

Hi everyone, I’m Willian Silva. and you’re on my channel. For the guys who love Dream League Soccer I created a playlist with all videos of tutorials it will appear there on the cards. Now let’s go to the video. Today I will teach you how to make that midfield goal, let’s say the goal […]

The Rules of 3 on 3 Basketball (FIBA 3×3 – The Big3) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of 3 on 3 Basketball The object of the game is for your team to score more points than the opposing team. 3 on 3 Basketball is a variation to the game of Basketball, but played with only half a court. Before you carry on watching, it might be helpful […]

10 Hottest Female Wrestlers

In the world of female wrestling entertainment: spandex, big boobs, and high flying skills, are necessary to compete at the highest level. So these hottie wrestler babes are not just ring side distractions, but instead, they hold their own and they hold their tits…With that being said, Welcome to our list, of the 10 hottest […]


{Follow On Instagram @ccourion} free supreme xd Awesome This dude told us to come where? Oh my gosh. Where are we? He said to come to locker room number 1. USA, what? (usa only jake ;)) hey What? *Giggles* what can we do today oh!! its national condom day! (lol) No way? Yeah. Sooo…..I thought […]

The Rules of Racquetball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Racquetball The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. Racquetball, sometimes referred to as ‘American Racquetball’, is played indoors on a court with these measurements. This is similar to the games of Squash and British Racketball, but with a few significant differences. Players play […]

10 Exceptionally Devastating Injuries in Wrestling

Sure, wrestling might be scripted, but that doesn’t change the fact that wrestlers put their bodies on the line each and every night they perform. Of course safety is a major priority, but due to the nature of the sport, injuries do happen. Though a lot of times these athletes shake off the minor ones, […]

10 BEST Wrestlers Of 2017… According To Oli Davis (WWE, New Japan & More!)

Hello and welcome to WrestleTalk – I’m Oli Davis. Oli’s 10 Best Wrestlers Of 2017 Annoyingly, I’ve been told my 10 Best Wrestlers of 2017 isn’t allowed to just be the words Rusev Day said ten times back-to-back. Because a) they have to be ten different people. And 2) because Rusev Day isn’t actually a […]

The Rules of Disc Golf – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains The Rules of Disc Golf The object of the game is to get a flying disc into a target, in as few throws as possible. Disc Golf is a mixture of traditional golf and ultimate frisbee to create a new hybrid sport. Instead of a golf club and a ball, players throw plastic […]

The Rules of Flickerball – THE WORST SPORT EVER INVENTED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Flickerball. The object of the game is to score more points than the opposing team. The game is played on a field that’s …. Erm … it can be any size field? That can be of any size, and is played between two teams of … and there can be […]