‘America SCORES’ and a unique blend of football and… poetry

America SCORES was founded in the mid 1990’s by a public school teacher who was passionate about soccer and started teaching her kids soccer as a way to do something with them after school in a safe environment. When there was bad weather she brought them inside and her other passion happened to be poetry. […]

Public School Tournament in Jordan

The goal of the school tournament is to widen the base of women’s football and increase its popularity in Jordan’s schools through the participation of 44 schools, 460 girls and 48 teachers from the different governorates of the Kingdom. The tournament was divided into the South, the middle the North of the country. Our aim […]

Top 10 Fatal Players Mistakes That Cost A Lot

التاسعة سبور – الحلقة 39 الجزء الثالث | Attessia Sport – Ep39 P03

التاسعة سبور – الحلقة 39 الجزء الاول | Attessia Sport – Ep39 P01

#TBT: Franz BECKENBAUER – FIFA Classic Player

#TBT – GARRINCHA – FIFA Classic Player

التاسعة سبور – الحلقة 39 الجزء الثاني | Attessia Sport – Ep39 P02

التاسعة سبور – الحلقة 38 الجزء الرابع | Attessia Sport – Ep38 P04