Smash Ultimate Tournament Winners Finals – 6WX (Sonic / Joker) vs Bonk (MK) – CNB 195

Smash Ultimate Tournament Winners Finals - 6WX (Sonic / Joker) vs Bonk (MK) - CNB 195

okay you got it you got it why are we having this right away folks as we get set here is bunkie they'll die moving up the ranks and a 6wx looking to reclaim his but a traumatic fall for him in the in the philadelphia PR at number 10 he's looking to spin – his way right back up on the back of the blue blur and welcome to winners finals here at code-named pears 195 bonk the staple Meta Knight here in Philadelphia look at his show that he is here to stay at the expense of the former Philadelphia number one so far we get that early pressure that uh Meta Knight and Bob really have to put on this sonic like Bruce a unless match you really need to cut off Sonic and how he moves in and gets that early pressure OH oh my and this is one of the core problems of Sonic and it has been from basically the very beginning even if you even if even if he landed that hit he would have put himself into disadvantage right it doesn't make sense it's not conducive to what the wind condition of the game itself at its very core and unfortunately this is the character that 6wx made his name upon right right and I mean Sonic obviously he's still very adept and capable of winning these tournaments I think in my just in my opinion as Sonic's but I mean something's gotta give here and then bonk it might just give and his best I mean right now even though Wow elbow up there connection finding an off platform in in the air regardless of everything that happened on that side of the stage bonk was still left catching up and he has not done so yet and that's amazing Mina connecting flush with that up there shades of smash 4 or X W White's there and it's it's almost amazing because I thought at first just because I don't know sometimes you wonder maybe six of us is having trouble adjusting to the mechanics of the game then it becomes very apparent wonderful tech on the B by the way to save himself and stay alive at 120% is not able to tip the tech on the underside of the stage bonk will secure the first kill of this best-of-five clip but it turns out the up here does it really work anymore but connecting of six WX Derek I'm talking about three plays ago now though that's yeah just the nature of ultimate it is the fastest pace chess game you'll ever see in your life I mean I think you're right to even carry that through because like you were saying the name of the game is stop plans and sonic trouble by doing that the back air is the forward smashes and the up up airs are growing all that come to mind in terms of Sonic's lethality you don't see all out of down smashes up smashes anything like that and just like that if you count out Ford smash all the smashes are gone in terms of how you're going to take out your opponent so I think you're finding questioning that questioning how sonic will be able to advance in the game for that long essentially well and I do agree with you in a sense but I will say point-counterpoints okay just in terms of the game obviously the emphasis was meant to be put on the neutral and 6ws will not make it back after claiming the second stock off of off of bond and with a decisive advantage still it's the it's the means with which you get those kills that have changed because sonic does still have F smash it's still a decent little tool as it sends sense bomb across the stage there and a swift kick to the chest or whatever can be even considered the chest whatever part of the anatomy it may be that is a dead Meta Knight to claim the first stock and take game number one yeah I didn't take calculus so I don't know how many radians you would expect mennonites body to be in terms of called out of the chest like 1/8 by I don't know it's been a while since I've been in school so the pic here actually Dracula's castle going Omega final D this being box pick interesting because you know it's that's such as 6wx move to where you know the the music counter pick yeah he did like to go to Dracula's castle put a bit Omega Dracula's castle and indeed the black Sonic coming out from 6wx dressed as for funeral will he be playing the dirge of buff Fox winner's bracket hopes here at Trekkies Castle so far again sonic a control early on but a quick little jab will even it up both these guys rely on their ship damage but we've seen how bond can be very lethal with these uh pair strings up beat my driving a stake through the heart of this vampire ass Sonic me you got bats in the bread background you got to show off for your voice absolutely I mean yo get Belmonts where you at come on now let me down their combos however 6wx savvy to get out of that I mean just even the resilience of funk going out for that yet again he knows how he has to apply pressure that hard that quick and even after that first stop name is still fresh in the mind to take out that it's another dead sonic not oh no again no he had the up be and regenerated that air dodge it was a well calculated edge guard just sit there and neutral beat it's a and that's a Kill Confirmed for a for bonk when he hits that off of the side is one of the things that has changed about the character but 6wx ever resilient he is none too happy with his placement in the current PR season he's looking for more mini-boss and will he get it on the back of Sonic or will he have to continue his surge with these characters experimentation with wolf within sinner or with Joker which have borne fruit however the dimensional cave it makes you wonder it means sometimes sometimes you just got to stick with your guns in Sonic it's the best gun he's got absolutely yeah that new tie are gonna take but right now very nice like you said 6wx finding his uh his way back with sonic that tried ensuring options that carried him into the limelight his smash brothers overall and that lost from the first round being ever president bombs mine as charges yet again going in with those dash attacks Kenny even things up here 6wx not allowing that Meta Knight to carry through with those combos bomb we have seen him escort people to the other side of that blast zone many a time that back air that that secured game number one for him is going secure the second stock of this game number two pulled back on the spin dash keeps Meta Knight ahead of him and main steam state's control and advantage bonk he needs to reset neutral you need to do it quick these jabs will certainly help and right now yet 6wx taking control using a lot more of science movement as a resort option and again to sprinkle to poof's no troublesome but to the metro its turnaround claims it you know what you you think you happen yeah you think you haven't know he's like a bar of soap in the bathroom just can't get a handle on them and bonk proven slippery as ever ties to set at one as we go to game number three and it will be Omega Dracula's castle again not quite yeah it is a favorite of his but apparently bonk likes it too and he liked it so much that he won on it we have seen we have seen him favorite Kalos as sonic before uh yeah but that cuts off one of six W X's kill options with that up here that we saw before so I mean that does cut it off for bonk as well but like we said before I think sonic is more hurting in terms of finding kill options than Meta Knight so I think that's why we're seeing the battlefield option platforms will be able to land to a lot more of those those things from bogies characters actually cut my work short there as you resource the Joker for this final match a surprise up the sleeve an ace up the sleeve perhaps for 6wx pulling out the Joker I'll have to see if Joker's wild on battlefield trakula's Castle here I'm really playing that spacing game with those early guns and a ha just really just keeping them in that Bay and just realize in all right you have to play a whole new game 6wx says to bomb certain around and this this joker has proven as proven effective in games past obviously we saw it just last set against the otic cage and winter semifinal the return of that morton which i wish i had the voice to prove them to bring the – right goodness gracious I'm so happy that that thing is back but against the Joker there's the turn around on the the mecca Koopa to claim the last stock that sent 6wx in the winner's final as you so eloquently proclaimed yourself I was a little gasp invite I mean that's because we said so hype right now and right now the arson does come out so Mennonite and mob if I have to play a little bit of waiting game sitting at 108 and that counters hitbox it's written it's ridiculous that was he was just standing the 6th of UX learning ever so more about this character has come so close to winning bears in the past with wit this joker I don't think it's been successful with it yet has he um no not in terms of winning a codeine bears no I'd say he's still in he's almost there but he's stone the learning process of joking so right now a very nice forward smash to take out from bonk but I'd say you know Joker is lending to a lot more favorable matchups for 6wx but he still has you know he still has to keep a little bit with Joker in terms of being an elite Joker he's very very close but he's not quite there yet there is something missing and you're seeing it develop over time as our sin makes his second appearance of this game number three nearby uh byte bonk however six up to X at the ready looking for another counter pump says I don't need none of that in my face get out yeah great job breathing that weight realizing that he was at high percentage in on ledge six help you X was thinking okay he's gonna throw out an option try to kill and then bonk said all right I'm gonna wait for that option to go away and actually kill you it and already 36 with that counter and our sand is already out and right right back at this is an even game yet again before that down for you has to be one of the most tire game throughout the Ross house without a doubt I mean never mind the the range which was on full display the first stock it's the reason why uh bunker is down the stock right now not down to stock in terms of 630 wax right but you know doesn't have three stocks is because Joker just sat at ledge exactly and it didn't even look like it shouldn't it should have connected but here we are I don't even know what to say folks what can I say this is Smash Brothers and that's the dash attack by Meta Knight trying to create a juggle situation but 6wx I mean you sure he's not playing Sonic and me with how slippery can be in the air the way he was trying to go out with a gun which I don't advise against men in a row he does have the chumps tape to skirt around it yeah to try to get the gunship out in the end Wow just the amount of down airs in neutral air that bought throughout even though it didn't land to him just puts in the minus 6 WS that the pressure on Ledge will be constant and consistent even though he does think stage control here lets him get back with hubby pure in the tornado a little bit and the bounce back great job her buns are driving in the ground to get that bounce back 6 lb else wasn't able to rely on that but he was able to get back the stock claim in the end and it will be a tough task to make this comeback we however will have to see well 6wx can do with our sin now as many prominent show crews have have made very evident there are kill options are sinless however you know what who needs our sin when you have yourself a toothpick and Meta Knight spreading his wings and flying here in winners final going up to 2-1 at the expense of the former Philly number one yeah at that last moment before he rolled to ledge we saw in a hot car Mountain and actually Mennonite was too low and too close for Mennonites actually get hit by it and so I think that six of us was trying to find some way to get a big hit on him because like you said he had our sins but he needed that damage to even the game overall was possibly looking for another a high to do that but it just wasn't non option when Mennonite was that close so bonk able to recognize that situation and how close he was to Joker and finished now with that down smash and we're getting a little home-field advantage here to possibly bring 6wx back from a potential 3-1 all right respect to a respect to the mind games by duh by 6wx picking easily the worst color scheme yeah that last bit yes yeah and did yellow jacket it so it's a certain shade of yellow I'm not gonna say what it reminds me of but you know that don't eat the blanks no I guess oh my never mind about his mood cause 6 is pissed and now down ere to kep Meta Knight off stage and again it's such a sweeping motion good little good little clear the floor tool and with meta Knights shape does take work to get back to the stage especially 6wx at the ready to maintain state control playing a perfect game right now funk looking to take care of that but having no opportunity to do so gone almost getting the best of the of the Philadelphia PR player in bunk ranks higher than 6wx for the first time and I think I think so yeah 6wx has been on top for so long and bunk has really come through the ranks now but like you said I've never seen a situation where bond has been on top of six over yet except now but not on this match six Direction is on top of bond as he claims it with the assistance of our sin during our Sobhan seven not hurting himself all that much he has definitely taken control that second time around it's a defense by possession as the term would be in soccer congratulations to the ladies in the World Cup final anyway and it's you can't get scored on if you are controlling the pace of the mad 6wx in Cola at the driver's seat of this one for certain and now as BOM tries to make his way in initiate some sort of offense 6wx ready at the wake with rebels guard you know what you want to play bowl I'm more than happy to play Matador 6wx yeah that was a great job again just the rushdown capability of mennonite just made six subjects realize that he's a very rushdown character he will throw out options if he's approaching at such such speeds and that's perfect fodder for rebels Garvey our scentless backyard tries again himself estate safe controlled situation but a little too high up Meta Knight able to recover Wow able to skirt around that neutral air that was impressive recovery but he won't recover from that another dimensional cape squeezes bonk one step closer to taking it over 6wx however is a big damaged gap to make up and 6wx I mean he's doing pretty well on battlefield those down tilt side yeah you know what hitting that that chip damage sometimes it's all you need but the back throw is going to take it yeah it's gonna take bonk down and with a last stop of this game number four or so potential in high breaker situation here 6ws can close this out the back air our setlist back here one of the kill options that we know Joe could to have in fact that we saw it cut used quite prominently by another joke you might have heard of MK leo yeah yeah he's been in a couple like fgc stuff right I think so yeah and I mean Robson 6wx for putting this pressure so early on he got almost the full combo and Mennonite or Blanc rather realizing that he could try to extend that with another router oh my option to go high but our Saint comes now and conventional Cape actually doesn't come through and our sin they are both you know tossing back and forth they want to get that stock claimed off of stage that the tossing stage control right back to their opponents yeah I mean it's a game of hot potato right now at the moment but right now will it be long left holding the dud at the end of this game number four a hub pops him up hundred fifty nine percent last stock not looking all that great and indeed the knife straight through the heart of his game for hopes 6ws takes it to two two and he is back with a vengeance it seems like but can he close out this game number five what's his wind condition here I just for right now the the way he was able to control men a night off that stage and actually more read bunk instead of reading Meta Knight because bonk was ready to air dodge there was the circumstance where where Joker had mennonite close to offstage and bonk realized okay 6wx is gonna go for the combo which led to an upbeat snap to bring it back down and extend that combo 6wx sort of went off that didn't go for the up being and letting bonk air dodge and capitalize off that instead so I think it's really realizing what he can go forward but also switching it up at the last moment will give the edge on such a very fast and rush down character that is Meta Knight that could land two 6wx going up on arm bonk here but even though he has our send a little bit of a different story being told Mennonite in charge in terms of damage a little bit of a chip with the AODA arson assistance rather they'll get on me very close to right back in it and tonight that back hair trying to space himself out however not providing enough not back for the bump set up the rest of his offense 6wx right back at in showing that tenacious necessity' nasa t is the correct word mini-bosses that is proved that is so useful for him in the global scheme of smash and now is trying to be establish himself locally that was a great fake out so and smash their into the the up shelled upbeat two straight victories will have to be the key to victory and the that sound a little redundant what can I say it's it's Game five folks it's hype and it's enough smashes go to take either way yeah yeah I think it was tilt actually um for what I had for Bob for six everyone Cisco I've looked away and all of a sudden I saw I saw a Meta Knight flying to the top of the screen and it wasn't him doing it oh ok but it might have been I wasn't so sure myself either way we are at two stalks of piece and you got a 6 WS you did mention yeah like gun isn't going to be super effective but you still establish it at the very least is the countermeasure like I know exactly where you don't want to go because yes here you don't need to fear it too much but you still want to respect it I'm still going to use it to dictate your movement right right if you're not going to be able to move as freely in the air as you would like if I just kept it in the holster exactly and the way that he made it beautiful yes that was great job great conversion on that smash but the way he made gun effective is that he went higher with it gun has the range to be able to slide well Mennonites so far away that Joker didn't need to stay middle right in mennonites danger zone because men and I can throw out a fair and send you back on state she can get back on stage himself but if you go really high with Joker and then send down send down the gun you're safe but you're still chipping out Meta Knight so that is a great little conversion there in terms of gameplay style for 6wx too Hugh's gone effectively and pressure font off the side back throw a full stock advantage for 6wx now as he looks to maintain stage neutral air doing pretty well for himself there but it's going to be the bathroom that claims to stock and now it's bog his last stand on winters side and at rebels guard 1/4 of the way there and ever so slightly building where he has to do it very rapidly we're probably gonna see some attempts at visa that uh pair chain here it comes platform assisted by Bob takes it out bonk takes out 6wx myself through the heart of the former Philadelphia number one and bunks slashing and dashing his way into grands I I'm just surprised that I called that as it

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