Roy and Archer are England's most important players – Damien Fleming

Roy and Archer are England's most important players - Damien Fleming

Adam Collins Damien Fleming is Creek bus centerstage on a very dreary day for Australian cricket England passed a 223 all-out that Australia made with a hundred and seven balls to spare phlegm sometimes everything goes right for a side it did for England today and the reverse was true for Australia yeah that was just a total dominance by England today and the thing that they've threatened in the last three years and what we thought would happen through the World Cup you know when you want to pick right at the pointy end so it's not quite there you're in business class England you're not first class yet but I think they've got a bigger ceiling than New Zealand so if they play to their potential I think they're winning the World Cup what about that first spell Chris wife's jaw for Archer there won't unplayable but gee the zip they got off that track early on when it was still fresh batsman arrow contributed to some of the downfalls for Australia 14 for three early on there was no way back now I just thought you get you get the new ball in international create you get the chance to set the tone and besides wokes getting cover driven first ball by Warner for four and thinking hey Dave's on today I thought their planning were good Finch what do you want to do you want to bowl full and straight early elby's or bowl him through the gate got the lbw to warner short and beginning to play away from his body and paid Hanscom you've got to attack that front pad and obviously it went through the gate and bowled in there so I think the planning and the execution in that first bail with Archer and obviously wokes and the captaincy of Morgan just set up the whole guy and then Smith and Kerry came together and they put on a fantastic stand of 103 Smith the former caps him out 85 before getting run out Kerry again was impressed I didn't quite get to 50 he holed out but the way they've got things back together England fans were nervous through a period there we saw what happened at Manchester a moderate title can be enough but they didn't have the extra gear wickets fell in clumps storing us Maxwell after Kerry fell that there were this too many wickets in quick succession yeah in some ways that partnership showed up real weakness in this Australia's campaign isn't it lack of middle order runs carry really enhanced his reputation waiting at number seven went up today did a great job hurray just got felled by a bouncer took a nice catch of his helmet so he has got good hands but I think we're obviously a future test wicket keeper and potential captain Stephen Smith Smith and warned of a fantastic in this tournament you know they're back in the fold they're two of our greatest players I thought Smith was you know he was the one he Saudis experienced and if they could have just gone another 10 overs to eight he might not have been enough but Australia would have been in the but in this game but too often losing two wickets in an over it was going over one at all was shade as well I mentioned for him his leg scheme was crucial and getting two wickets in and over at that important time Carey followed by store owners who had a terrible tournament yeah but I mean Rasheed's been a genuine wicket taker hasn't he for England last three years and their game plan coming into here has been scoring big and I Bowl well enough with varieties that they're not economical bowlers but they'll get enough wickets to make it ugly but then you put your archery into their team and I don't know if they could have gone on to get to the phone or without Archer because he's a spear head we could Swit the new ball can do it in the middle overs and he but it closes out at the death overs their wokes very good as well but Jaffa Archer they're icing on the cake I think for England's campaign the reverse was true in Australia Bowl just not enough runs to play weird they couldn't take the early breakthroughs they needed and Jason Roy was sublime yeah I made Jason Roy missed three games in the top of the hammy they lost two of those comes back in couple of slick sixties and then an amazing ad today Bairstow enjoys batting with him you know that could be England's best ever one day opening partnership and you can see Bairstow is happy just to accumulate a bit like what Warner does for Australia and Roy he's got rubber wrists isn't that some of his shot and the actual pair regenerates there it is amazing human Archer I think of the two most important players and that's not downplaying Joe root who accumulates he bats he hits gaps but he always scores it around a runner ball so there's a reason why they've been dominant in the last three years there's they've got a higher ceiling runs Wars and bowling there's enough priority there to trouble all opposition a lot more to say about England in a couple of days but in terms of the overall post mortem with Australia have they met expectations had they had you given Australia a semi final before the tournament given the three years it's been and especially the time since sandpaper felled Australian cricket last year would have they taken it yeah I meant before this tournament I got the semi finals right I thought New Zealand probably wouldn't have made the final so frustrated I get knocked out if you told me that at the start of the tournament I would have said I that's about where we sit I reckon if England and India applying to their potential but you'll have to look through how many people have enhanced their reputation and I think obviously Alex carries the main one burned off to a degree Warner and Smith just verifying that they are great players Finch very good particularly when Warner plays there but there's still a lot of question marks and other questions we had number three Osman was okay the all-rounder spot Marcus darkness was disappointing mainly with his runs and and potentially the spinner I think Zampa was their number one and he ended up outside the team so they'll be out for years to work it out again but overall I would have thought that was around where Australia was a semi final position and everything would have had to go right from to make the final a huge day for English forget a very disappointing one for Australia but thank you to Damien Fleming for being part of the Crick buzzer centerstage team throughout the course of the tournament we'll talk to you at Lord's from the final

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  • I really hope NZ come good in the final because I am rooting for them to win. But I have a gut feeling it will be a one sided final in England’s favor. NZ batting is still overdependant on Williamson and Taylor and their bowling becomes lethal in certain conditions. But if the pitch turns out to be good for batting, it would take something a little extra by the NZ batting to beat Eng in this form.

  • Awww. Look. What’s that in the sky. Ah Flemmies flight back home. Guess You right behind Harsha back home.

  • Congratulations England. But I'm still barracking for New Zealand on Sunday.
    Time for Australia to plan for 2023 World Cup. Warner, Finch, Khawaja, Maxwell, Coulter-Nile, Lyon, Zampa & Stoinis will not be there. Maybe play these guys for the next two years & move the captaincy to Carey.

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