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28 thoughts on “Player-controlled free agency is a mess Adam Silver can’t fix — Whitlock | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF


  • The problem is that the teams are now terrified of turning down a trade request, because if you do, you will not be able to get another star player to sign with your franchise. If you do allow the trade, then you have one less superstar, and you can’t recruit another star player to replace the one you just traded.

    I believe the owners will be looking for concessions on the next cba, because if you are a franchise that isn’t on the southwest coast, or in the northeast, in this new NBA, you will never be able to sustain success. Teams in those markets will probably demand a bigger cut of TV revenue to make up for the fact that this new pattern of player movement will diminish the value of those franchises if they don’t.

  • Every single person must weigh their options and take account for where they are currently in their pro careers How much value they believe they are worth and determine what the best position is available period. Process of elimination this team is offering 3 yr 29 mil this team 2 yrs 12 mil but they're coming from a Western Conference finals loss . Trades are just apart of sports that's just business if you can't accept it retirement is always there.

  • NBA is being watched on all corners of ASIA we have to pay extra to have an NBA Channel…. We don't care anything about that fckn American FootBall…. Walk around Asian Malls, you aint gonna see FootBall Uniforms, its all NBA!

  • Did he just say "if im ownership I'm concerned?" You seem concerned enough, without being ownership. Dude, these NBA players are operating in a realm that few negros can wrap their head around. They are partners in a billion dollar business as the CBA is currently written. This essentially means they're off the plantation so long as they show up for work and continue to prove their value to the team. The NFL is no comparison as they're still in an employee / boss type of business model. We expect that some negros still don't get it. Just pay attention and learn from them instead of decrying their range of freedom.

  • The NBA operates just like a government department that's given funding by the taxpayers (public attendance and public consumption of advertised goods) through Congress (major media conglomerates and corporate advertisers) and that has 30 agencies (teams), each of whom is given the same budget to hire personnel with rigid and contradictory rules and with some flexibility to exchange personnel between agencies.

  • Shitlock would side with the owners.. basically this last year of trade demands has balanced the NBA.. but nobody criticized the owners when they sign players to Max contracts and trade them after 1 year but when the players do what's in the best interest of themselves now it's a problem do y'all not see this

  • Whitlock's perspective usually doesn't bother me because it's reality based. But to say you don't have control over your life or family not entirely accurate. Now to a degree he is right because there is an all out attack on the masculine principle.

  • I’m wit Wiley it’s helping the league is super balance almost every playoff team next year has 2 good tandems, AD Lebron, Kawhi PG, Middleton Giannas, Vic Brogdon, Butler Dragic, Blake Drummond, Harden Cp3, Klay Steph, Ben Embiid, Jokic Murray, Conley Mitchell,

  • I think you should have to stay at the team you sign with for a certain percentage of the contract. Both the team and player are obligated to do this

  • Whitlock is back to attacking players in the name of organizations. Cant name one issue with player control but he hates it…why?????????????

  • It's the McDonald's business model. Mickey D's has had high turnover since the beginning and has it built into their business system. Instead of fighting it the NBA should run with it like McDonald's.

  • In Europe, soccer players are free to sign and play wherever they are wanted and no one forces them to sign anything. If you are good enough, they will do what it takes to sign you.

  • The NBA messed up allowing super teams . I haven't seen a game in 7 years because of it . And I could careless to watch anymore

  • This pains me to say, but big boy is right this time. Players do need to honor the fact that they signed a contract. It is actually hurting the league. No one is forcing NBA players to make millions playing a game. You know what u signed up for. There is a free agent process for a reason. I get that owners can trade players whenever, but that is the nature of the business. There is no perfect system.

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