Pep Guardiola letting Man City players name captain is like a 'boys club' – Nicol | Premier League

Pep Guardiola letting Man City players name captain is like a 'boys club' - Nicol | Premier League

let's talk manchester city pep guardiola said to his players why don't you lot choose your captain what do you make of that was a schoolboy no they send the tens on the relevance the popular contest listen it's very difficult to criticize janna than the pep does because generally it's honesty Gold but I absolutely 100% I've no idea where this is coming from and what he thinks the outcome of this will be when I reckon I thought you know you take the day he's if it's April 1st it's just strange it's just bizarre have you heard of this before no absolutely no no as I said no not unless it's a boys club and it does surprise me because you know a big club the captaincy is not it's not just about what happens on the field you know I said to me to be captain of a big club you need to have have an aura you need to have the respect of the players you need to have the respect of everybody at the stadium and that takes a certain type of player so so for the place to choose it I can't come up with one good reason why the players would choose it why why you know and again the captain doesn't have to be the most popular guy or the most light guy but if on the field of play well at the end of the day it really matters he has an influence or a huge influence and he can change what's happening on the field and be that person then he's got no chance of being the captain which means you've got the wrong captain you're clearly not finding us understand not least so you mentioned someone that's got an aura someone it's got the respect of others who's the captain a man city then among the players that they've got who should be I would I would see somebody like Finland in you would be the perfect example you know and in for me please in the perfect position you know company was a great captain and he played at the back but for me Finland dino you talk about the model of consistency you can tell that he carries a respect of everybody else on the field he's the guy that can change things when they're not when it's not going well for Manchester City he always seems to be for me the guy who changes at all and so again perfect position he's got a connection with the front and if something's going on the front isn't a problem to communicate if something's going on the back it's not a problem to communicate for me it would be felony knew it was the best captain you played under I had two great captains the first one was groom Jonas I was a lot younger at a time and Shaw can I held them and more and more of awe as much as anything else you know again the guy you want standing next to you the guy who's gonna give you advice when you need it not just on the field but off the field and a fantastic player and a guy who'd the respect of everybody in a dressing room and everybody in the stadium the other one was our handsome I mean again just played a similar similar role you know was phenomenon and field was there to help you on and off the field again had the respect of every single person and played at a club finally I'm glad you mentioned Darwin Hansen because after Kenny left Liverpool Hansen pretended that he was going to be in charge either there he also asked you to be his captain tell me that story well all tell years there's that I knew it was a wind-up did you though I are being led to me that you didn't know well he would tell you that well he thought here Buchan that's what he and he would tell you that because he probably wind me up a thousand times you didn't get I got me 999 that was the one time that was the one time that I knew that he was up to something why did you know what give it away well because we used to have we used to have a carry on and and when when people in the TV when we're talking about the teams would say you know we're all in this together it's kind of a cheesy Harmy thing to see and he came over that when he was talking to me about being the captain and that's that's the only reason why I didn't believe did you believe he was going to be the replacement for Kenny I don't know what counselor I don't really know I think he did he told me you didn't know what course he told you did and you by the way the worst thing is you believe them like me every time he opens his mouth I believe them and you've done the same thing not seeing anything you believe every word from Hanson I can assure you what did you don't okay yeah Luke would have got me oh yeah man city's captain who's it going to be next no Alan Hansen won't Stevie Nichol

29 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola letting Man City players name captain is like a 'boys club' – Nicol | Premier League

  • I think Steve has early signs of dementia sometimes when i watch these videos,what the hell is he even talking about.

  • Pep can manage his team the way he wants. Stop trying to make news about a nothing topic. Faux outrage. 🙄. Get over yourself

  • Obviously the players should pick the captain, it shows who has the most respect in the Dressing room which is crucial for any team!!

  • And this is why this guy is a pundit and pep is the best manager in.the world. Lol.your opnion is not valid

  • Fernandinho is in last year you’re not making sense and won’t start as much it’ll probably be KDB or David

  • the players would know whom they respect. and if they know he is the most respected and responsible player, or influetial, I don't see why not.
    Or it could be that Pep doesn't really care – and thinks the captaincy is overrated in modern times. He trusts that the players can make the best decision.
    i dont' see it as an issue.
    Kun should be captain. He may not be a shouter or ranter but he's been there the longest, but he leads by example and is up there with Henry and Shearer as the best PL-era strikers.

  • If City want a long-term captain, it should be between Laporte and Bernardo Silva. If it's just for a short time, one or two seasons, then it's Fernandinho. Of the players over 30, he's the one who has been there fairly long, has his teammates' respect, and can communicate with all of them. Senior players like David Silva and Aguero can barely string two English sentences together, so I don't see them being captains.

  • ESPN pundits are ugly,faggots, trolls,fat,stupid and have no clue what so ever what they are talking about. Guardiola is one of the best coaches ever. Coming from non City fan

  • The absolute state of the British dinosaurs in the media nowadays like, fake rage at something to has zero effect on them are people. Just another quick pop at Manchester City as a whole again

  • Very bright idea in my opinion, pundits these days need something to talk about and just end up talking nonsense more often than not

  • who d players choose would it not show that they respect him more than if the manager chooses, players know who dey respect more than manager would, his argument is stupid

  • This is a nonsense and doesn't matter whatsoever. However if you're wondering why Pep would do this it's quite simply because he likes being contrarian to make headlines, I think this is pretty established at this point.

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