Raul Mendoza vs. Lio Rush: WWE 205 Live, Nov. 1, 2019

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Fight For Future of Professional Women’s Soccer | The Players’ Tribune

– Everyone thinks it’s like rainbows and butterflies and bells and whistles and, “Look at all this glam,” and, you know, it’s so luxurious. “They’re on a charter and they’re doing this and that, and they’re in a parade, and going to the ESPYs.” And it’s like…. – I flew back in a middle seat… […]

Shadow Drills | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Parth has asked us a question about using shadow drills. Shadow drills are where you don’t use a ball. So what you are doing is you’re using your strokes and practicing your strokes without the use of the ball. You can also use footwork drills the same way. A […]

Learn How to Play Joker in Smash Ultimate

Joker first stole our hearts as the elegant main character in Atlus’ mega-hit Persona 5. In his game, the versatile Phantom Thief has spells and weapons of all sorts at his disposal to deal with any kind of foe. In Smash Ultimate, Joker burst onto the scene as the first DLC character in the game’s […]

BBC lose The Masters TV rights as Sky Sports land exclusive Augusta coverage – The News

  The BBC will show no live golf outside the Olympics next year after losing the rights at The Masters  The Beeb has broadcast live from Augusta since 1967.  But the corporation has only had the live rights to show weekend action since 2011 and now Sky Sports have won an exclusive deal to show […]

2019-20 William & Mary Men’s Basketball Highlights at Oklahoma

Now Van Vliet goes by Manek, drives to the baseline, the left-handed layup is good. Bryce Barnes the other way, down low with a Nathan Knight dunk nice pass from Bryce. Bounce pass into the corner Miguel Ayesa for three the baseline jumper is good and it’s 12-6. Barnes into the paint left side into […]