(New) Jabra Elite Active 65T vs Elite Sport True Wireless Earphones: Comparison & Review

(New) Jabra Elite Active 65T vs Elite Sport True Wireless Earphones: Comparison & Review

hi everyone and welcome back to inside tech Apple's air pods were amongst the first that truly revolutionized the wireless air but industry but with no options to adjust the volume exclusive features to iOS and a somewhat questionable design many people are now looking to other in some cases superior competitors the elite 65 TS are arguably the best of these alternatives competing in terms of battery and connection and succeeding with audio quality and design now jabber aback with the new elite active 65 t an upgrade suitable for those with a more active lifestyle in this video i'll be comparing these against Jerez dedicated sports earbuds the elite sport hopefully by the end of the video you'll have a better idea which of these earphones is right for you and if either of these can be crowned the champion of true wireless earphones let's take a look I'll be unboxing both earbuds side-by-side with the black elites port on the left and the copper blue Alif active on the right both the original color designs both boxes indicate the headphones are suitable for sports in fact the elites Porter branded the most technically advanced true Wireless sports air buds so during the video we'll see just how accurate this claim really is the boxes have a similar design pattern but have different opening mechanisms the sports with an easier to access magnetic clasp whilst the active simply slide out from the sleeve getting into the boxes though both have the earbuds and their charging case is packaged separately and have largely the same accessories each include the Quick Start Guide safety and warranty info and a micro USB cable for charging again a pet peeve of mine is that even a 20-18 pair of true wireless earbuds doesn't feature USB see the elite actives come with a set of small medium and large silicon ear tips whereas the elites board have a range of silicon and foam ear tips plus a choice of wind tips which will definitely come in handy for more rigorous exercising sadly wingtips are not compatible with the elite active 65 T accessories aside we can turn our attention back to the earbuds and they're charging cases which have slightly different designs the elite sport charging case is rectangular with the micro USB ports on the side there's a hidden LED indicator located just next to this and there are LEDs for aged earbud on the case as well the case snaps open and close from a sturdy hinge and there's space inside for your earbuds if you're using the included wing tips via buds themselves are made from silicone rubber and weigh in at 6 and 1/2 grams each they both feature LEDs for microphones to maximize call quality and the elite sport contains a built-in heart rate monitor and analyzer the earbuds are also ip67 rated so they're not only completely dust proof but also fully waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes the elite active case features a rounded capsule light design where the microUSB port and led are located at the bottom I did find this case a little more tricky to open especially at the beginning but this does become easier over time B about themselves feature a silicon rubber and plastic combination and have gold-plated metal covering the LEDs interestingly the right earbud is also six and a half grams but the left is only five point eight we also have a four mic system and accelerometer and motion sensor but no heart rate monitor with this model the 65 TI P 56 rated so again completely dust proof and resistant to powerful Jets of water but you won't be able to fully submerge this model it's also fairly easy to drop either of these earbuds into the charging case but sadly neither feature magnets to lock your earbuds in place a nice feature is that removing the air bus from the case will wake them automatically and they'll connect to the last pair device when you place them back they'll automatically disconnect and switch off so after the initial pairing you'll never need to physically turn on or off the earbuds and this does work with both models between models we have slightly different control systems with the elite sport the left earbud features clickable volume buttons which also serve to skip tracks forward and back the right earbud features clickable sports and also multifunction buttons the sports button is used for various commands which are all directed through the Jabra sport life app and I'll talk more about this later on the multifunction button is used to play pause music answer and hang up phone calls and also to bring up your phone's voice assistant it's also used to activate the hair through feature turning on the microphones to allow you to hear your surroundings whilst the sports earbuds did offer a wide variety of control options I did find the buttons themselves quite difficult to press they give a satisfying click when pressed but do require a fair amount of force to trigger for me this meant pressing the earbud further into my ear canal which sometimes caused a little discomfort a workaround I found was to secure the ear but with a couple of fingers before pressing the buttons the right earbud can also be used on its own for mono playback in fact removing the left ear bud will automatically switch the right ear bud to mono and stereo playback resumes when the left earbud is placed back there are however no auto pause options here with the Elise active the control scheme is much more refined and simple the left ear but again features volume up and down which can be held to skip tracks the right earbud features just a single multifunction button used for play/pause phone calls and activating your phone's voice assistant if you prefer you can also switch this command to instead activate Alexa or the Google assistant using the jabber sound Plus app transforming your earbuds into a controller for your lights and speakers but you may need their accompanying apps to gain full voice control again the here through feature is activated with a double press the elite active earbuds contain a proximity sensor so removing either earbud can auto pause your music the writing part can also be is for mono playback by removing the left earbud and pressing the right ear bug to continue play back again I did need to use a few fingers when pressing the controls to avoid discomfort but the elite active buttons were far easier to press requiring less force and I did prefer the overall simplified control scheme and auto paws feature one important thing I'd like to mention about these earbuds is that selecting the right ear tips and wingtips as well as how you position the earbuds in your is is absolutely crucial to getting the most out of them it's also vital for ensuring the year but stay secure during a workout when I first use these earbuds I was initially disappointed in the sound quality but once I'd got the fit just right they sounded fantastic so make sure to spend some time trying all of the ear tip combinations until you find the best fit for you for the elite sport the jabber spot life app unlocks a whole host of additional features transforming the earbuds into your own personal fitness coach the breadth of features here is astonishing from personalized training plans to automatic rep counting using the accelerometer to voice coaching you through a workout you can customize exactly what information is displayed or called out during a run and the app is definitely one of the best I've ever used for fitness tracking the inbuilt heart rate monitor is also extremely accurate I tested these extensively and found them to always be within 1 or 2 beats per minute of my Apple watch the automatic rep counting also works surprisingly well and after using these for a number of weeks I've yet to have any inaccuracies counting reps during workouts using the included win tips I found the earbuds stayed locked perfectly in place during workouts without so much as a hint of the moving let alone falling out within the app you can also access the other earbud settings such as the here 3 feature headphone readouts and the built-in equalizer I definitely would recommend adjusting this from the flat sounding default to the earbuds arrived with and I personally found this custom profile to sound the best but this will be down to personal preference we also have options here to share your workout data through social media and also to link the earbuds up with sports communities a unique feature to the elite sport is that if you ever lose of the Everts you can use GPS to locate them and even play a sound through the efforts to assist with location the abundance of features here is truly remarkable but how well these all worked was perhaps even more impressive I can definitely believe that the elite sports are in fact the world's most technically advanced true Wireless sports air buds and these are probably the best sports ear buds I've ever used the elite active 65 tees instead use the Jap resound Plus app here you'll be able to customize your own quick toggle sound modes to suit different scenarios such as commuting a focus mode and an active mode again here you can access the hear through and readout settings but also customize both the music and call quality with the custom equalizer just as with the elite sport I would recommend changing this from the default setting the app doesn't have the same range of sports features as are available to the elite sports but it does include a built-in step counter perhaps my favorite feature here though is the included ambient noise sound board here you can select from a range of high-quality ambient sounds but can really transport you to the different environments the perfect storm and cabin sounds were particularly effective and those who enjoy ambient noise whilst reading or studying can definitely make good use of this feature overall I would say that the active sixty-five tees are geared more towards general use rather than being a clearly dedicated sports earbud like the elite sport I personally found that I can get a more secure fit into my ear canal then with the sports earbuds and I did find that these also stayed secure during a workout but on a couple of occasions I could fill the year but starting to slip and I had to press them back into position this really put into perspective the importance of the elite sports wingtips and without these I can't say it feel 100% confident trusting these to stay in my ears whilst out for a run looking at connectivity the elite sport uses Bluetooth 4.2 and I found that these gave me a line of sight distance from my phone of around 80 feet what do you think between the two earbuds was perfect and the latency was also not bad at all although as with any true wireless earbuds they are geared more towards audio than video and the audio delay from the image may be a little too great for some listeners the elite active 65 T's use bluetooth 5.0 and although I couldn't make full use of this technology they did give a huge line of sight distance just shy of 100 feet again there were no syncing issues between the earbuds whatsoever and the connection in obstructed environments was particularly impressive the updated elite sport earbuds give four and a half hours from a single charge although I found this figure to be closer to five hours with everyday use the original model only gives three and a half hours so just check for the 13.5 inscription in the charging case or on the earbuds themselves to check that you have the updated model the case holds a further two charges for the earbuds which itself could be charged in just under three hours with the earbuds inside or two hours to charge only the case the earbuds also have a fast charge feature at a twenty minute charge will give you one hour of playback the 65 T's hold a full 5 hours of charge which I found in practice to be just about right and the case holds an additional two charges the case charging time is the same as the elite sport and these also have a fast charge feature delivering one hour of playback after around 15 minutes of charging both sets of earbuds have a very similar sound profile the basin mid range is very good with the former being particularly impressive since this is where true wireless earphones normally fall short the base has a decent thump and complements the mid-range frequencies giving an overall full-bodied sound the treble is quite even giving balanced vocals so only the overly bright songs may give you trouble with sharp s sounds I would perhaps say that the clarity isn't perfect and the sound can be a little muddy but using the custom equalizer and of course securing a good fit inside your ear will definitely maximize your listening experience to describe the differences between the models I'd simply say over the active 65 TS have a much more refined and rich sound compared to the elite sport vocals a much more distinctive and the sound is fuller with greater detail I was also able to secure a better fits compared with the elite sport which definitely enhanced the audio the passive noise isolation is excellent so long as you can get that good fit and the sound leakage was almost non-existent so these will be excellent to use in public places call quality was also very clear and the earbud microphones were particularly impressive especially since neither model features an overly extended microphone antenna both models picked up my voice really well and I never had to raise my voice to be heard during a phone call considering their size and weight the audio quality delivered by these earphones particularly the elite active 65 T was really impressive the convenience of these compact earphones is obvious but now that true wireless earphones can compete in terms of audio quality I can't see a reason why to use any other earphones or headphones on day to day basis if I were to touch on a couple of cons with these earphones that I would say that I would have liked to have seen some magnets to hold the earbuds in the charging case for that extra security I'd also refine the control scheme with the elite sport and perhaps even the elite active just to make the buttons a little easier to press so that you don't risk pushing the earbuds into your ear canal an argument for touch controls could be made here on the whole long these were some of the best true wireless earphones that I've tested and I definitely say that the elite sport were the best true Wireless sports air buds that I've used with the wingtips providing that extra stability I'd probably go for these if you're planning on using your earphones for exercising regularly the sixty-five tees are definitely more suitable for everyday use but the superior audio quality and connection make these my choice for my daily earphones for light exercising or if you are able to get a secure fit the active model could be an excellent all-round solution and with those small improvements these could be the better option for me Jerez elite active 65 t are the best true wireless earphones on the market but let me know in the comments what you think the best true wireless earphones are do these really beats Apple's air pods or perhaps you prefer the bose or Samsung alternatives if you liked the video or found it at all helpful then please give it a like don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos like this one and I'll see you all in the next one

35 thoughts on “(New) Jabra Elite Active 65T vs Elite Sport True Wireless Earphones: Comparison & Review

  • Very good and thorough walk thru of the different features. However, reviewing a pair of sports ear buds in a non-sports environment seems strange. I’m missing out on a test of how noise resistant they are to wind which is a very critical aspect when cycling and running. Anyone here has experience with cycling and running with these?

  • When theres backgrund noise during a phone call, the other party wont hear you when using the active 65ts!

  • I've had the Jabra Elite65 ones for over a year now and they still work just as well as when they were brand new! 👍 The sound quality is phenomenal, the battery life is excellent, and they're just on a whole nother level from all other headphones I've ever used. I wear them when I work out for 2 hours, I wear them while mowing my yard, I've even worn them at work a few times in the warehouse. I absolutely love them! The charging case is very handy and keeps them charged AND protected!! I HIGHLY recommend these to everyone looking for great earbuds!!!

  • I bought the elite sport thinking it was the active 65t and i thought i was going to regret it. But thanks to your review Im glad I messed up!!! lol.

  • I hope Jabra keep the cases with the current way of opening. It was so funny to see my friends not be able to open them then just see me open them super easily hahaha.

  • Dont buy Jabra!! I bought jabra wireless a couple years ago and used it sparingly. For sometime now, I have set it aside and when I tried to use it again. I was not able to charge it up and it wont turn on either. I found out from the web that this is a common problem for Jabra wireless headset. I was told by Jabra support that the battery will die if you dont keep charging it. The problem I have is that there is no warning anywhere in their package material and one can only find out if you read the fine print in the FAQ of their website …..and the wording only said it might affects the battery life. I will not have bought it had I been warned about this…….

  • I read through most of these reviews/comments.. and nobody has commented on audio connectivity.. does anyone else have connectivity issues like audio dropping when the the connected phone is in a pocket? Can’t imagine working out or running with the phone in your hand. I have both elite active 65t and JBL free.. both lose connection/skipping with the phone in a pocket. There are so many posts on the net about connectivity issues regarding Bluetooth in general yet not one comment in this video has said anything about this issue. Makes me wonder. Am I the only one?

  • Hi Inside tech, thank for your full review and I just purchased mine Jabra 65T. Exactly what you mentioned in this review. Very satisfied with the purchased. Thanks for helping me the Bluetooth wireless sports decision. I have purchase fund raiser wireless Bluetooth earbuds and support them but unfortunately the result was very very disappointed. I wish to watch this review early. Anyways I'm fully satisfied with Jabra elite active 65T for mine sports and daily use.

  • Yep the Jabra Elite Active 65T are the best wireless earbuds for sure. They are definitely the best way to go.

  • I bought yesterday Jabra Active Elite 64T, it’s Amazing….. I read & watched too many reviews , many reviews stated it’s not having good sound…. All non-sense, its fantastic, you have to adjust bass settings in music app ….. 100% Happy buyer 😀😀

  • Just received the Elite Sport today. It wouldn't connect through the app, however on the phone itself it was fine. Had to find a review on Google Play Store with a solution.
    When the app connected and the JabraService app started (which is needed for the heartbeat) the right piece started clicking constantly.
    Furthermore the delay in audio when watching videos is so annoying. It can't be right that a $280 has so many problem.
    Returning them tomorrow. So disappointed.

  • I have jabra sports and without a doubt they are the kings of earbuds. I wonder if I should buy Jabra 65t active or not??

  • Unfortunately the jabra elite sport did not seal correctly in my ear does anyone know if the 65t active have deeper ear bud….. thxx

  • Best advice, buy the Jabra elite active 65t and then buy the foam tips that come with elite sport. Makes it super comfortable, better seal (thus improving sound quality and bass), and it stays in your ear no matter what

  • Can I use one earbud at a time for Bluetooth calling? I'd like the idea of keeping the other earbud charged while I wear the other one. Anyone, please?

  • Dont recomend it only lasts me 4 hours and their uncomfortable the jebra elite 65t I would say to try the new samsung buds their cheaper and I bet their way better the 2019 ones

  • Are there any latency issue with Jabra elite active 65t….. specially using to watch video files ?

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