Minecraft: MR. DORITO CHALLENGE GAMES – Lucky Block Mod – Modded Mini-Game

Minecraft: MR. DORITO CHALLENGE GAMES - Lucky Block Mod - Modded Mini-Game

[Applause] [Applause] what's up dudes it's pat and welcome back to the challenge games hope you nerds are all having an epic day today is an amazing one for us because we are fighting one of the coolest mobs we've ever fought in the challenge games really one of the coolest looking ones so I'm super excited for this and I have a really epic ant behind Jen she's actually seen in the mob before so she can't get this wrong mr. hen okay so I know it's a mr. okay it's a Spanish oh we're fighting the mr. door neato all right what's his actual name you only have one yes and there's two chests here by the way that's not his name all right no it's not GZ oh wait how do you say cheese in Spanish I think is guacamole no mr. quiz oh so you think the name what's the ass mr. Kawai so Dorito that's like some rock I there's all sad you guys know we always the behavior to make an interesting because I set this up yet never knows who were fighting but our big mister you got that part right okay um so Dorito totally right and he's a very cheesy fellow so but the thing you're missing is the Spanish part you got a little bit confused it's mister Senor zorrito so that is our fighting today guys ante if you've never seen this before I just want to show it right now because it looks so amazing you guys are never to see any of you ladies anywhere else so definitely subscribe to our YouTube channel so we will be fighting right in this chest mister Senor dirty Tom just brought him in right now so he fights you when you attack he throws Doritos he does so many cool things so you will have to wait until the battle guys we have some insane stuff on this channel you won't see anywhere else basically what we're gonna do today is we're gonna open lucky block to get some awesome stuff we will take those items we will check in with these oh so delicious looking villagers over here yeah I'm talking to you um Ben will give us epic items that are based on the mobs we are fighting today and then fighting arena torture those moms whoever survives longest is the winner for the today and Jen has to spawn in the mobs because last time Jen I did win but before that I mess up and I had the wrong person slaughter man you were supposed to okay so all right so that is Jen's job but we have some really amazing trades for today to check out alright so over here so check these out for a beacon we will get the ghost pepper cheese so 25 attack damage fire aspect 5 so this is Ravi and a ghost pepper before you've never are you sure you met a habanero and you crime no it's not even close it's like a hundred times stronger now I thought I was dying I'm pretty sure that you would have to go to the hospital if you ate one I've had bum Jenna's nas alright so for another start you get the arcade machine chip crusher so you just pick up this arcade machine and you crush that chip it's got knocked back three it's got 18 attack damage so we actually have an arcade machine as a weapon nice so for Dragon Age we get the melty hot cheesy spoon what do you attack damage alright let's check it out okay let me just like wait wait to it use it all the way alright so you can shoot fireballs to attack your enemies and you can hit with it at the same time all right so really cool weapon that one's definitely a little bit different than the others I kind of wish the villagers were wearing sombreros I'm sorry they're knives there should be a sombrero mod there probably is why don't we use that I don't know be wearing sombreros all right why don't we just get the Hat bottom you can wear some Brown all right dudes we are back Jen said she won the sombrero so we installed the Hat Mont and now she is wearing a sombrero right now I feel like I'm actually are you the devil I'm of the devil No why are you the devil no people say if you love it put a ring on it you love the devil no I love myself you just mean it's it's so big that it's not Mary I have no idea what you're talking about isn't hearing coming out of the devil's beer it's not your that is that is senseless nonsense anyway you got some things to do oh my god we should use this mod every time cuz we're gonna get hats while we play anyways I just made the challenge games even better all right here we go so we also have ogia did you see the armor today 15 emeralds for all of the world not Yeti to die protection to it it looks fabulous on everybody like me gorgeous absolutely stunning invite a little nicer because I feel very devilish it gets cold sometimes alright so I will take that off we're having a cold winter um five times you get five emeralds which is awesome and then over here we've got some of the normal trades guys we've got a sponge for a block of arable the saddle for five everybody never afraid for a broke the cake for a block of Emeril's for a TT we get a sharp Dorito sharp enough to cut through a Dorito cuz that's where I'm fighting as ten attack damage so we can find with the Dorito for an enderchest we get to read Oh on a stick yet oh my god don't read the information do not read oh okay it's a swell attack damage it won't damage rapid-fire applies Lotus ignores in places to renown clouds alright if you just want it looks like gross for noggin horse are we get a strange older you know does 15 attack damage which is awesome looks delicious um why the creature it comes frog is disgusting what's cook the rich me is absolutely delicious oh hey guys you get food if we get um golden horse armor which is called golden pet armor for some reason right now we get a bunch of Doritos to eat so we'll have plenty of food for the whole day and then over here Kylie Jenner has four beautiful Dorito these are the Reena lucky blocks ignore the monster was in there we will also get five diamonds for the champ table and nine for it a chance to Golden Apple right there honey lucky blocks we get five very lucky blocks five unlucky blocks a pickaxe ten apples and a crafting table wait a second no we are using the monster lucky block for some reason I thought we were using for tuning out because we just did that bed warrants okay so no these are the right ones guys were supposed I did everything right I just don't talk right um so we have the monster lucky blocks in here and today we are using the monster lucky buck because it is red yes just like you your devil ears oh but not red I like Torinos um so we have all the keys definitely I actually don't like any other kinds of Doritos I really like the pizza ours that goldfish the pizza ones there's not a pizza like way different than goldfish so these are monster lucky blocks I am a little bit nervous but they're mine with an unlucky one okay good bye baby good bye alright good luck with that here we go okay goodbye you look so evil her monster Bucky blocks you got what is that what is that oh it's rubber chicken remember chickens made me crash alrighty yet had to read log but now she can have as many rubber chickens as she wants yes that what a grab wouldn't snap you in it oh and Rowleys friend if you okay so do you have it alright so what do I do with this thing um it is delicious I can cook it rubber chicken you may die but you actually might die this is squeak at me all right so I have a super lucky one oh you can't even hurt someone all right here you go okay so this is look at this beautiful thing all right here we go and we got what is it that cake it's honey trees I think the rubber chickens broke me I can't even open the chest wait oh no chests are broken that's why I replaced them with all Joker boxes oh he goes with the sombrero it really does doesn't it that's actually pretty cool I'm sorry guys we're in our weird version of a forge so we can't use chests they are just broken with forge for some reason so I have shoulder boxes didn't replace the storage one so I was wondering why we had those I know I like him actually oh my gosh wait you said a watering can fire ink and I want to try to water you I'm gonna water your devil ear all right do it I don't feel it you know there's gonna go swimming all right I'm gonna get something amazing so opening my super lucky ones right now pants I'm getting really cool have we ever used these blocks no this is the first time or 1.12 play – I just got bamboo crates look I got nicely greaves I don't think they're gonna help you oh I think if you put like eight of them together into a square they turn into one big one all right so you rabbit that's not eight in a row oh okay so four have to be do you wanna have me show you what I mean gives me a big box oh I can buy that way all right let's see so I'm pretty sure if can you help me break some of these okay yeah what you want to do is you want to take these and then you want to go like this and then put them on top like that oh okay all right I'm pretty sure that's why they gave us this exact amount okay how many do you have I read not you okay so put one one there alright okay put it down you have one down okay get ready doesn't work it's gonna be embarrassing whoa look if you open it it's got three pages of story wait this is our storage now oh this is actually really sweet I'm gonna put some cheese in there took a while to get it working you want some honey treats yes it's okay oh um no it's just really good to give you regeneration – all right here we go take a block okay run run run run oh he's coming for you Jen hurry oh man get open this oh I got the whole nightly set here where is he I'm putting on the pants they have two pairs okay all right can he go over water I've never seen him do it before no idea oh my god all right but he's so big he'll find us yet you think he's underground we can't go underground I hope you're something wait shh all right get over here I think everything's cool are you right just teleport over okay are you in the water cuz I'm drowning oh I got I don't see you teleport okay look at the pants I just put on do you know they're invisible pants so like I'm wearing pants pretty good but you don't know I'm wearing pants I don't know it is like if we have the stupid mine installed which is part of this lucky block okay lose our weapon damage oh it's actually really good oh I just got the fiery boots Jen I love those yeah there's a lot of nice stuff from the Twilight force but oh my god I just got the fiery bags – I've got two parts of the fireese Oh these blocks are so evil that they are crashing us but horrible things are happening oh all right well that's good that's not bad not good it's good for me oh my god did I just get the Yeti wait what oh my god everything but the boots I oh my does this not look amazing on me now you do look amazing look the ring is like on me anything it's not look cool oh my god I'm so happy all right I don't want to lose any durability so I'm gonna keep it in my inventory for now dudes but um there's lobsters that are staring at us I know it's creepy again so yeah knowledge ranked one of the lobber okay you can tell me if you want oh no no thank you okay you're very bad luck no actually I'm going this way I'm gonna open the other block it I got headphones oh my god I got the upside down goggles you did oh man that remember the things I love like where everything's upside down I got something cool I want to show you all right okay come to me okay where are you I don't know I'll try to look at you but everything's upside-down oh my god you with the bag on the face all right I'm gonna try to open one block all right excuse me oh that's really really cool I have to take these off right my eyes look ridiculous all right check this out so we'll put a guy Jen I got the Hydra trophy oh and you can wear it now looks so cool I feel like everything goes with my hat perfectly yeah that is so cool you look beautiful Oh mom you look nice all right all right open some blocks I'm sorry yeah so it looks like we're getting armor at least for the battle which is good why do I keep getting stupid leave things oh by the way if you get a chest all you have to do is just break the chest in the item to come out oh okay oh we've got a sword I got a cactus sword wait that wasn't what I wanted to happen it just came out as a chest oh there must have been nothing it is okay this may look like a cactus it's like right in your hand it's from the stupid bye I'm slipping away I'm actually somewhere I'm not sure that we've ever been before in the challenge games after four years so it's like an island all the way at the end but I don't think we've ever been on this side there's a mushroom I've been here no I think what you're thinking about is the island this right over there oh okay so I don't think we've actually been in this one spot right here all right let me open I'm gonna go for a very lucky one cuz I feel like I need something lucky all right do it okay here we go why go for Less you yeah come on oh okay so you got some boots you might be wearing those today oh I got the leaf picked you up I feel bad have the leaf wait I'm seeing no it's too good I can't give it well maybe it will train for it later we'll see yeah absolutely good they're actually pretty good at six Armour it's the same as the night Lisa one less noise Yeti the Arctic armor wait is it really good it does with my armor I wish peace the pants okay so it's a little bit worse than the leaf lon and then alright so that's the same as the Yeti jacket oh you got some good stuff that all right I got some cooked maka me has a soft Oh bacon like taste so I've got some decent food here I just got nothing oh you want some honey treats again because you're hungry we have to leave its honey tree oh man I am in a very cold area right now oh oh put on your Arctic set oh okay I will go with behind yes who cut it in pink you wonder what I mean overwater all right Roger all right I need my arctic arbor we have to go Jeb we have to leave right now say that again all right what is he called the unburnable okay if you can actually pronounce his name correctly I'll give you a blob lucky block right now I've tested stuff in this area before if you could say his name properly I will give you one lucky block right now is that your gas No The Abominable of okay you move abominable she said everything wrong oh I got the steel boots they'll leave moods only that's mine wait they're just gonna suffocate I'm gonna get it all no it's mine is he crying I'm sorry we love you would you like some honey toast I'm not even moved I think he's just gonna suffocate I hope I'm getting more nervous because he can't look like he's going to Abby's gonna escape soon all right they're taking some damage snow but so they've stopped taking damage guys I left I'm suffocating what I just got a bunch of rubber which is really nice chicken no just rubber okay I got some deflated balloons that's nice can I blow them up oh whoa I just blew them off Oh make an animal can you make a flamingo I'm good all right oh yeah about five normal lucky blocks left what is that mmm me too oh I got a honeycomb oh my god no there is friendly it's fine they're nice they won't hurt you are you sure there are nice creatures I'm gonna try to pet it okay don't you just burn it I got the leaf um helmet and Bodley I got something but is that I just got a bunch of wood louse balls I got the nightly boots oh my god bog oh it's like some kind of bug one of the yetis died okay because I didn't have the boots and I really want the boots okay I'm gonna get the boots right now okay do you see you okay I have to climb to the top because I can't go in that way too dangerous oh I'm coming in this way you keep opening your blocks okay I'm gonna open my extremely unlucky blocks I have two left's I don't I don't know about this I'm walking in oh I got the yetis get older for crafting oh do I got the air gasps no you did not get gas it's got like 300 hell all right okay I got all ooh I got six Yeti fur that should be enough to make the boots we're in trouble I kind of just want to die at this point so I could just spawn back at the beginning just kill me Yeti or I'm out here left oh okay I died I'm sick we're not safe oh this is bad mean even get away alright we need maybe the back of the arena what do we even go oh the little force over here just like really lucky over here oh I've gotten some of the best things I've ever gone before in this very forest and then why do you never go over here alright so we do have a crafting table dude so what I'm gonna do oops I threw down that I don't wanna lose that I'm gonna throw this down I'm gonna make the boots and what this is gonna do is give me the full Yeti set Oh got the fiery helmet wait does that make me like fiery though like a mute afire you read no I mean like radiates fire no you just look really weird with the Hat now alright alright so what I have left are only unlucky blocks but yet I've had nothing to make them luckier you don't I didn't get fired not no Wells today oh yeah we haven't gotten one well I have no diamonds I know what I don't even have gold what do you say about Wells yeah you just gotta well oh my god it's gonna be bad but it's biting me somebody help me wait but there's iron in there and I can use that I to me for other blocks lucky oh okay okay okay how are you hey maybe we can be friends with the scorpion alright get your best weapon right I didn't get any weapons but you did I think they're gone I don't see them oh you think no they're still there we cannot take these out was like there's like a hundred kill them please I don't want a peaceful unless I have to okay okay well again let me grab again oh my god it's working oh no it's got me are you right oh god it's got me in its claws oh my god this is really bad this is really it hurts no I'm not gonna be okay boom they're going oh I killed them all alright okay so I need to be able to get this or it's like really unfair and I'll be running around for an hour times do you have six left normal okay so I've got four super unlucky ones but with these I should be able to make I think two of them super lucky I got a peacock feather fan ooh is it a weapon I think whoa it makes a really weird noise oh it does doesn't it that's a really weird noise teachers don't hear this weird noise alright why are you tossed it over I'll tell you if it's a weird noise alright alright that is weird it's like a demon peacock noise alright this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna take these I would make them super lucky so let's do that that will give us ten loft okay so only one and a half block or a Minotaur X oh that's some damage but you double attack damage but it's not as good as my source what did you even say what do you mean the I win sword all right here we go so this would super I got the whole invisible set but I don't need any man what is this is this AAB iron one more rubber chickens if you want one alright I've got some iron wood no running run for your life dad oh god there's wasps bail on me I'm out of here I said wasp English is really op right now all right I'm gonna put away my garbage I'm just telling you what I heard Telly's right all right we're going on here what are you going in there why don't you just not judge me anymore I got the steel leaf sword alright alright so that is pretty good we have one lock left to open all right so this is Sabbath even I have like nothing already wearing a paper bag that's okay wait oh oh man no the Yeti said isn't the best stuff that I haven't had a sad about it visible chest plate oh no wait I do have the Arctic Armour so that's not too bad alright yeah that's not that long I'm gonna have to wear the invisible boots wait no I have Knightly boots those are even better oh wait this is protection two on it so I think this is actually better than the fiery boots oh wait okay not too bad I have the iron wood sword what's your weapon all right so this is I don't have a weapon Oh Oh could I trade you armor for a weapon you're more of a weapon right yes I have the minotaur axe and what else you're on the cactus Seward the steel leaf sword and I have a steely pose all right so your highest have a firing kid all right what's your highest damage weapon the firing can know what's your highest damage weapon the steel Ipoh which is how much damage it does to what's your stairs line check all right so the Minotaur I know I saw you that one that did 12 I'm not giving you that all right all right so this is the deal what are you missing armor wise and we can make we can strike a good deal okay so I'm missing oh wait the fire helm is even better than the Arctic hood okay so put that on okay I'm missing boots so I will give you need some decent boots right oh the ones I'm wearing are three armor all right okay so let me see if I've any view it's better I have four armor ones and I will give it to you only if you give me the really amazing one the amazing weapons yeah your best weapon I'll give it to you for the amazing weapon you keep the other one all right because you need the armor don't you all right so there you go I think that's a fair deal we both got something way better to help ourselves hey thank you all right so I baked it I'm ready for battle I just have like a lot of armor in my inventory just organized all right yeah that's what she said wait oh my god why'd you say that all right news we are back we organized our inventories a bit every to sneak past is blue beauty over here and jen is spawning in the mobs today because she won the time before last time and I got wrong last time first so we have really awesome warm-up round we are fighting you your head oh by the way am I like smelly because I see the green smoke coming off my body I don't see anything but you smell me okay that bad all right thank you so you met a warm-up round and then after that we're going out to the main battle star with one worker weapon so we're fighting at on guys and that is gonna decide the winner if I lose today then that's bad oh you did not win you know how this works you know that once we actually start the battle if you die in the first three rounds that's how it works then there is three lives all right do you want to go with that I'm just kidding all right we'll just start out no no it's time we're starting now all right way okay ready she only want to be called a cheater in the comments all right are you ready for this beautiful wait does always been green it's always been great every single time no you're way ahead sombrero okay – wait when I hit oh my god what he hit me he got frozen you did yeah because I have like a chill effect on my armor oh I thought they were doing that to me – Oh mr. Senor – Rita oh my god he's actually doing like a lot of damage to me and he has told Mattel wait he's shooting Doritos everywhere right now are you okay did you see the circular Dorito attack yes it was amazing okay we're going on two three oh my god the mathematize actually really good it gave me absorption it does okay so what if you have the honey tree oh yeah tons of those please please don't hurt me Senor all right god I went down oh my god the torpedoes are flying everywhere trying to catch through my mouth they might recover health okay they're dead weight that was three rounds right one and a half hearts right now wait does that mean since we did three rounds if you die now did it would end does it mean that yes Oh eat this or if you die mouth or oh I feel bad you know what take these those are my balls do I eat it you do not eat my boss listen your dirty dog bugs came out four of these ready okay one two three four once you hit them is when they go crazy so let's do this okay Oh how's your help it's good because I actually like Cheese Doritos it recovers health remain oh if it was the Cool Ranch was I think I would die oh cool there's one in the pizza who's it delicious alright you die Oh Mike wait it can't be over three lives I feel like if we ended it now it would be the shortest battle ever for you guys and you guys are watching the video we don't want to ruin it for you can die so easily no offense the burn cuz the Doritos there's spicy spicy Oh number sign burn oh my god wait went hashtag started I still called it a number side did well yeah because that's what it was always called I didn't know what a hashtag was magic started for me about a year and a half ago of it Oh mister Senor dirty talk oh my god I love his head it's better than your hat you know it is bigger I feel like we're twins no look anything like this really sexy man right here you're a beautiful woman but look at this man I'm gonna help you knock his chip off okay oh just crunch that bra alright we're now put down all right here we go one two three four five six all right let the battle begin once you hit though niggle crazy about to go down again alright now don't lose yeah yeah yeah focus oh do that wait I'm gonna throw my balls at the Pew wait no I'm killing them with the balls yeah works every time wait so you and Bob you lost two lives all right is this you I thought maybe use the mark mine oh and me and the bugs are attacking this Dorito right now I used all might as well oh I've got ice bombs if you want a couple of those will cool them down because they're hot and spicy Doritos let me just finish these first do we want to cool them down that takes oh okay Oh see I hit him is it working yeah look at my damaged a game yes oh wait wait I need to eat um my Malcolm eat okay there we go that will give me some absorb shock Oh dice take these one two three offer you or it if you want ten no you so when Boop do you see what I put down for you I put on a heart of honey cream thank you or are you ready for this yes alright alright so guys this could be the final round I only died in the warm-up grab you any idea how strong my head is it killed me and likes two heads all right it looks like jet is down but this is the date you could still try to kill me because you've got all the Swan eggs you go to creator alright make sure you spawn them next to me so that I can hit nothing at the battle started okay and I think I'm going to death highs reach honey treats oh my god I can't recover my help with the honey streets and I can get to them alright dudes I am down I'm not gonna go three rounds because I am the winner for today which means next time I will be swatting in the mobs that is how the other person who loses gets an advantage for next battle in guys if you haven't seen this mob before let's get a really close look at what they look like it's amazing it is an actual Dorito that throws Doritos wait a second this is based off my guest right what am i guessing yeah Jen actually thought that we were fighting this once and today we are but up dudes hope you enjoyed the video if you did subscribe to our YouTube channel that would be amazing also I hope you guys all have an epic day I really do it thank you guys for watching we'll see you next time you

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