• I'm guessing this video is unlisted until UVA gets permissions from CBS to distribute? Either way, I'd love to know when I can share this

  • three miracles in a row is no longer a "miracle". it's character. it's something that grew out of adversity – none bigger than the umbc loss. character is what wins championship games, not the talents of Duke, speed of Gonzaga, or athleticism of North Carolina.

  • First team since 1979 to win it all without having to beat any #1 or #2 seeds. Soft road to the title yet they still needed help from the refs lol.

  • Losing to a # 16 against UMBC and winning the National Championship the next season, this is a story of Faith, never quit and keep fighting with God on your side. Way to go Virginia Cavaliers!

  • Hunter looked like a man among boys during the second half. He couldn't have picked a better time or stage to have one of his better games.

  • Thanks to Coach Bennett for recruiting Kihei Clark for he seemed to be the missing link in your program.

  • There's no more a choking 'cause there are more a passing, congrats Virginia for producing your best game for the tournament. This time no relying on miracles as in the passed two games and sorry for Auburn and Texas Tech for these Virginia players are losing only to ACC opponents. Thank you also for Michigan State for eliminating Duke and likewise to Gonzaga for beating Florida State because Virginia can't really do these alone.

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