Match Preview – Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Match Preview - Pakistan vs Sri Lanka | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

they gave me as the West Indies we fries gaving us wasting his first game of a World Cup nerves got the better of us against England we took that preparation to the middle we didn't have any fear of failure and we went out and played a positive brand of cricket we needed that went badly and against the topside in the world right now and the favorites you know it always gives your confidence and that you expect from Pakistan you know one minute here they can be beaten and from the lower side but they and then it's their day they can beat anything that's why you know we alcohol as a very dangerous cited within the world's my team has capability to beat any team on the day so inshallah we will try our level best to win this World Cup they have Malinga they have luck mph / d – Sarah Pereira cinema Donna so they have a good Paulina have also good good batsman as well so I'm happy my team back in to willing to speak so hopefully we will continue this thing Sri Lanka or a very skillful ket we're gonna have to try our best but I feel that we've got this monkey off our back we got this confidence you know for a lot of these young boys that what they first woke up with and that means a massive amount innate in that ratio if we can try the perfect guy we know we can beat anybody we are just looking forward to the next game and to play the confidence which we had in the England's game the morale is high and we just want to go there and to play like tigers that's our it's really important game for us we want to take the momentum forward but we gain from the last game Pakistan is they showed time and time again that on their on that day they can pull surprises what happened the last two games were Mercedes and England clearly showing that they are very dangerous side especially on tournament like this at the same time to be really the same the both team is with emotional teams on that day they can be world beaters or main focus every time is when we play any team that take their big players out of the game like trying to keep them nice impact in the game so that kind of a plans we have for you pretty not only focus on keeping the big guns quiet Pakistan they are very balanced site and the same time the we are getting better they abided in our betting site their concern of it but as unit we stick to one plan we can do something better comparing the card it it gets like you know bit dry so that's good for us I don't think spinners can't do much about that we get you know the balls come come to the back nicely in in England we always look down as well let's look up the condition and see how it goes and I think if this shorten games Tosh also play a big part you you

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