Lord of Wolves Nerf (Back up to 1 Million Players) Heroic Menagerie, & Transmog | Destiny 2 News

Lord of Wolves Nerf (Back up to 1 Million Players) Heroic Menagerie, & Transmog | Destiny 2 News

so guys yesterday something pretty incredible happened you guys the Bungie community raised over four hundred thousand dollars for st. Jude and it actually happened during bungees block for Guardian cotton fellas that's amazing I just want you to know you guys made me proud to be a part of this hoot man you're kind of getting me choked up over here I love you now I do want a shout out Bungie man for doing an excellent job during their stream we got to see a side of Bungie that I don't think we ever really got to see right the fun side the personal side and man they were hilarious and they were also very gracious now one donation was something they just overlooked and you could tell every one of them were emotionally involved when reading your messages so really really guys I am damn proud to be part of this community now with that being said let's talk about a little more specific stuff because upon reaching $350,000 yesterday during their block Bungie agreed to bring Luke Smith on to talk about Lord of wolves now I don't know if Luke Smith didn't think that Bungie was actually gonna raise 350,000 because I don't believe he had an answer ready the gist of everything that was said by him was essentially if you played iron banner during this Lord of wolves meta essentially you will receive a triumph and as far as Lord of wolves itself he mentioned that it is possible they could just absolutely gray off the weapon to where no one could use it but he stated that they were not gonna go that route instead he did make a comment that later that year they were gonna actually fix Lord of wolves and then backed up and made a comment afterwards that at some point in July they should be pushing out a sandbox patch for a lord of wolves so the main thing to recognize is that Lord of wolves is not gonna be patched or nerfed any time soon I would actually say from Luke Smith's comments I wouldn't see a patch being pushed out for Lord of wolves until possibly the end of July now how they're actually gonna nerf it he didn't really talk about it it kind of seemed like he wanted to say more but he would cut himself off and so I really don't know how they're gonna fix Lord of wolves and really the players on PC or the ones that are definitely getting the worst of this I'm actually gonna probably get a review together for console because I have not played on console with Lord of wolves but I have played with controller on PC with Lord of wolves and it's still very potent it's not 19 meters PO so actually the people that are suffering the worst at least here on PC are players that don't play mouse and keyboard there's actually a lot of control the players even in PvP and players that are actually using mouse and keyboard are probably rec and most of those control the players with something like Lord of wolves so just a warning for those that are wanting to see a nerf right here right now now we've got at least I'd say a month maybe a little bit longer now with that being said let's move along to transmog this information was actually dropped on Wednesday and it's actually some ever verse changes that are coming to us this September Bundy states here that as of September all ever verse armor is being converted into Universal ornaments these Universal ornaments can be applied to all legendary armor sets we're releasing this fall they override the look of your equipped gear while preserving the perks mods and stats of the original item this isn't anything new guys transmog has been around for like ever inside of mmo's and again since Bungie is starting to adopt that term prepare yourselves to start seeing many more MMO changes or MMO light changes coming to destiny too now transmog is only gonna work for armor pieces my biggest concern was if transmog was gonna transfer over our weapons which really would have been bizarre can you imagine someone looking at you with the Jade rabbit but it's shooting like a mono multi tool because it's actually a Jade rabbit foramen / of minor multi-tool I know that sounds crazy but there's been many mmo's out there that I've played where they'll actually allow you to change the look of weapons which really throws you off especially if you're visibly looking at the weapon and you're like trying to prepare yourself on how to counter it and then it just turns out to be an entirely new weapon now when it comes to acquiring these ever vs. armor pieces there's actually going to be a change to the entire economy Bungie states here that this fall we're changing bright dust from a pay and/or play to earn currency to a play to earn reward we're adding bright dust as a reward for completing Vanguard crucible and gambit bounties we want all players to earn dust for playing not for spending money and destroying a bunch of items in their inventory after you complete all of your bounties for the week there will be additional avenues to keep grinding out brightest that's some good stuff guys Bungie is making just the right moves right now so hands down guys this is an excellent change coming now before we get into destiny twos population because yes we did break over a million concurrent players and I'm pretty sure we've been breaking that daily now let's talk about the tois from yesterday first up next week menagerie heroic mode is launching we're actually gonna get an increase in power difficulty which will start at 750 and then increase to 770 matchmaking will be disabled for this and you must form a fireteam to enter weekly curated gameplay modifiers rotating per boss unlike normal mode Guardians can hit a failure State extinguished is active so if your team wipes callus will send you to orbit encounters never repeat if you fail to reach 100% progress toward the boss after completing each encounter once you'll be returned to orbits heroic mode specific triumphs rewards and challenges await you now the rewards for Menagerie heroic mode are probably gonna be these three sorts now there may be some other things outside of these things but we're almost certain that these three swords will come from heroic mode so first up let's take a look at thrown cleaver aka crown splitter the curator row actually comes with tempered edge heavy guard shattering blade which they said if your heavy attack consumes the last of your mo it deals significantly increased damage excludes aerial attacks and whirlwind blade now the trait under it is actually called counter attack gardening while receiving damage grants a damage buff for five seconds makes me wonder how that was stacked with something like shattering blade but that's gonna be the trait we're definitely gonna be directly testing next week now moving on to Goldust this is essentially the hunter blade and the cure rate of ROA actually comes with jagged edge sword masters guard energy transfer which states that guarding while receiving damage generates class ability energy and whirlwind blade now something's to take note of about this one is it can actually roll with surrounded so throwing something like surrounded spec on this thing might actually have some pretty decent DPS now the third sword here is for warlocks deaths razor it's an adaptive frame sword and it also comes for the curated Road hone edge infinite guard energy transfer which is essentially the same thing that we saw on go to us roll windblade but also counter-attack I really don't know how these swords are gonna fit in inside a PvE or for PvP like I definitely want to try something like stronghold with counter-attack over on thrown cleaver but as far as like the Warlock and the hunter swords I really don't know what's gonna synergize best with those sorts in terms of other exotics like I know for Titan for sure strong code should be pretty potent especially considering that shots blocked immediately after guarding heals you and you don't burn up any ammo when blocking but for hunters and warlocks I don't know we'll just have to see let me know in the comments below if you know an exotics that could possibly synergize well with those sorts now as far as other rewards for heroic mode I'm not too sure I don't know what else is in there some of us are wondering if something like Lumina might be unlocked through the menagerie heroic quest but we'll see I like surprises now moving on to d2 s population there's actually an article posted about four or five days ago that was titled destiny two-player count is back over 1 million daily now I'm pretty sure it's been since forsaken since destiny 2 has hit those numbers but this increase in player base is obviously the result of the changes that Bungie are making leading up to shadow Keith this year and everything aside guys destiny 2 is probably gonna blow up this fall it's already a very solid game in terms of depth and content it's got it and as someone who recently swapped platforms man you just don't realize how much stuff is in this game until you start over and have to regrind everything now the big debate for me since Kross save is coming should I go back to my console account or should I keep my PC account and I've been playing pretty consistently here on PC for the past few months but I'm probably gonna go back to my console account simply because I got way more exotics over there even now yes there's still a number of exotics I have yet to receive and the amount of exotic catalysts that I have yet to receive you know on PC and I am raiding regularly and playing every activity there's just a lot voice so at that type of depth coming in a free-to-play version which I know free-to-play players won't be able to access all of that stuff but they'll be able to get a glimpse of it d2 is gonna blow up this fall it really is guys III can't even guess what the player base is gonna grow to and I know Borderlands is coming out and stuff and that's great I'm gonna play Borderlands but just those changes alone not even counting how well shadow keep is going to do which I think it's still gonna be a phenomenal expansion D twos future is looking very bright the question that I think many of us are asking is is there gonna be a d3 I mean should there be a destiny 3 I really don't know the answer to that because there's already so much inside of destiny too and with new light launching it almost seems like Bungie is like really setting the foundation not for a sequel but almost in the same sense of something like Waterworld cry for like Final Fantasy Elder Scrolls online they're setting those MMO roots new light being probably the biggest feature coming to that as well as cross safe and so if they're gonna actually launch a destiny 3 I think it's gonna be many years down the line and on top of that depending on how well destiny 2 grows is fall which we're speculating for it to grow greatly I don't know if destiny 3 is even worth launching because the reality is the reason for a sequel like that where they completely revamp the game most developers do it so they can attract new players again a Bungie has stated a long time ago especially going into forsaken that their goal was to reinvigorate their core fanbase and so launching a sequel after we've already put in thousands and thousands of hours inside of destiny – I don't know I just don't know how it benefit them but let me know in the comments below what you think guys that is essentially the news for this week again garni and con is only what two three weeks away I'll be there me and my wife we're gonna be hanging around we're gonna probably be between garni and con in disney roll like i'm hoping to get more time at Guardian con but my wife is she's really bugging me about disney real guys so if I happen to see you another guardian Connor disenrolled feel free to come say hey to me fellas and ladies thank you all for coming and watching and have a wonderful Friday and as always it's not that like button like your momma taught you right

39 thoughts on “Lord of Wolves Nerf (Back up to 1 Million Players) Heroic Menagerie, & Transmog | Destiny 2 News

  • The Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst will be obtainable from heroic Menagerie. It says it on the catalysts triumphs page!

  • I need to get my wormgods out of the vault and grind for a one-two punch shotgun! That build looked so much fun in pvp and pve

  • If a tiran with shotgun is an ape what is a hunter and a warlock? I've seen then just going from far away running at you with a shotgun instead of shooting you with something that can kill you at their range 😂

  • why would they nerf lord of wolves but leave the sniper babies alone with they damn beloved rifles to camp in the back and quick scope mfs up close like cmon if that gets nerfed do it to jotuun and snipers period all around lets be fair

  • This is the Bungie those of us over the age of 30 grew up with. A LOT of you missed out on some really classic times with them. I came back after 8 months and the Activision split

  • Activision: Bungie, Destiny is losing player count, we are going to have to let you go

    Bungie: gets better after leaving

    Activision: Am I a joke to you?

    Bungie: Well yes, but actually yes

  • The amount of times I’ve gotten a Shadowkeep ad on a destiny video is astonishing. But in a good way

  • I feel like D2 should stick around for another 5 years or more. It’s just we invested so much into it.

  • theyll probably redesign LoW. probably more so to the Fallen version, rather than this weird pulse rifle thing

  • Match making for the menagerie is the reason its poppin. If they made raids and nfs like this the game would be popping even more. I kno its not as easy as it seems but honestly they should of made the heroic match making too. I think less ppl are going to attempt it now even with lfg apps. Just my opinion

  • Lord Of Wolves makes comp and IB pretty much unbearable. Its really difficult to get past LOW or even counter it.

  • You glossed over a pretty good point about why LoW nerf is going to take a while, and I know some people are gonna be pissed because "Bungie's useless, they are too slow etc etc". But, the fact that they mentioned how they want to preserve the work-life balance they have currently, also just after they had a bit of crunch with getting Contest sorted, helps make it easier to understand them leaving LoW for a bit, and gives a more human feeling to the situation.

  • It doesn't matter about the money that was raised for Saint Jude or the people who gave money, none of that will get you to heaven. You must repent to GOD of ur sins and put ur faith and trust in The only way to salvation, The Lord Jesus Christ. You must be born again by the power of The Holy Ghost.

  • I don't like how they make matchmaking comptitive I can't get the recluse and luna howl iam average player comp fuck bungie .bungie making player suffer. U pay for them .

  • Aztecross I really need your advice about the eververse changes. Am I going to lose my old armour that I spent forever grinding for? I spent ages grinding for armour that had shotgun perks on and pretty much managed it on a full set. But looking at the news it's all gonna be dismantled ☹️

  • I don't like how they make comp matchmaking is shit average player comp always 1,2 win place.lost 1,2 didn't get luna howl or the recluse. I think isn't possible get it for always drop me shit player just can't carry all team is not fair .

  • I’ve been begging for the universal armour ornaments for years and I’m so excited that Bungie is going this direction. No more having to to decide on a great roll or a great look. Now you can have both. Gambit helmet, crucible gauntlets? No problem! 😀

  • I legit fucking eradicate just running around mindlessly with LoW. Of course they need it as soon as I get it. Same with Galanor for Hunters. Typical. I flat out said today when I got it “I guarantee they need it tomorrow”

    Well boom. I was right.

  • That’s why this game is fucked nerf’s nerf’s nerf’s like these weapons are easy to get it’s called RN fucking G and some are more harder to get than others and this is what they do.

  • Grinding for bright dust is not a good thing. You have bounties now you can do. This game has turned into a chore….

  • I think Heroic Menagerie not having matchmaking is the biggest mistake of Season of Opulence. Dumb as people think Bungie to be, they have a reason for this (that I would love to hear), but I still absolutely disagree with this choice.

    Unrelated, to distract those of you that would blindly attack for 'hating' on your favorite season;
    To me, the second biggest is the shaders having some sort of filter applied to them; kinda scared me when I first saw it, lol. I'd also like an explanation for moving the pursuits tab, but it's overall been fine so far.

  • They should just do the same as they did with Prometheus Lens back in Curse of Osiris… It was insane in crucible, so they gave it to everybody by making Xur sell it next time he came around.

  • People herald 1 million players as some great thing…but fail to realize when new content drops…player numbers rise….and as the content grows dry, those players depart, thus lowering the numbers. It happens every content drop. In another month, those number will be back down until the new light releases and more people get it because it is free.

    Don't misunderstand, I like that more people are playing…it means more people for raids, nightfalls, etc. I hope the numbers stay high.

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