Locked Military Trunks from Abandoned Storage Wars Auction BIG SCORE

Locked Military Trunks from Abandoned Storage Wars Auction BIG SCORE

bingo Roland Rene that’s how we do it
I’m just saying watch the channel take note subscribe there’s a lot of haters
on our channel a lot of people with good comments a lot of people love calling me
fat but you know what I’m fat with money why cuz I got knowledge and what’s good
about that I’m willing to share the knowledge with you
so concentrating a positive support to channel and watch and learn and you can
go out and make money too if it’s bad storage was effect that’s
how I roll that’s how we do it that’s why you watch
our videos because we guys give you knowledge I gave me my whole thinking
behind it this is knowledge you want to take in I’ve been known as for about 30
years people no bullshit no fake this is how we this is another video in this series he
saw spent $2,000 from American auctioneers
so you remember these trunks right here I paid $500 for all these trunks that
was awesome ironing Florida now which is five bucks for shirts now I’m going to
tell you guys my thinking a lot of people got scared because this ammo box
right here we open it up so somebody open it up and it’s full of Playboy’s
which we’re just gonna toss DOS and here’s another military box is smaller
one with no locks on Emma and this one from what I could see now okay so I
should see about you military stuff in here bachchi good books dereliction of
duty tank recognition but still that let alone books with comic books aliens so
so our people we’re not excited about this stuff box the box so yes so here’s
my thank you so I paid 500 bucks for everything everything these are pelicans
1660 cases I’m gonna pop up how much I’m gonna price these with but these have
rollaway extension handle stay a minimum 150 bucks apiece
oh that’s two got 300 bucks these right here I’ll get thirty bucks apiece
military drunks that’s another 120 so that’s for 2010 one right down I get
thirty just a box yeah it’s for 51 just right here but ID like 100 bucks apiece
but let’s say we take let’s say we take 75 apiece that’s another hundred fifty
so that’s 600 bucks and then of 50 bucks here so that’s 650
I’ll pay 550 so I’m gonna pay 500 plus the ten
percents of 550 so anything ends in sign it’s free I’m taking a free cab the
worst-case scenario make a hundred bucks right the way we like the body we’re
gonna cut these at the very end because these are the best boxes so some of
these were really heavy it kind of felt like books and you know you would think
we got a box cutter sleeves aren’t please don’t write yourself I got really big heavy-duty Buster’s my
employees put him away everywhere why would you sell what you put prices on it
so they priced it and sold it oh yeah good story bro and I’m just getting all this beauty so
they sell them down the street are you home
I’m gonna have to go buy some for these let’s try this one yeah give me some
smaller cut it that’s great oh there you go yeah good job
wait a man that all right CDs June an abuse for $4.99 our store is a military
I almost looked like a missile wasn’t the guy a ranger I don’t know Marines
Marines even I try to working with us and corny life catch CDs whoops baseball
cards books so this box is that great there’s
at least like what many bucks then that is not a good sign see you guys
the reason I’m showing a whole video because people I would think it’s like a
walk in the park it’s not so I teach boxers I have yourself fun you know go
ask couple hardik to have a box cut a big one bullshitter all right these boxes feel like pose to
me to be honest but oh that’s cool that’s really get 20 bucks for that
people just change out the block yeah there’s a trophy store down the street
these are books books
flight crew checklist thank God he like just there we go there we go that’s what
we’re looking for and you know what you get flight crew folks I wonder I think
Department sorry guys that keep on watching with my eyes consider with the
camera please that’s 20 bucks that’s 20 bucks actually you know what
this might be more but minimum 20 bucks there’s all kinds of accessories the bag
I got 15 out of 20 bucks kneepads 10 bucks these sticks you cannot sell in
California but I’ll keep these that customer comes in yeah want to discount
kidding these are something made for extend on a tripod or something nice oh well we just found a good box I know
we have to obviously open wall no it’s just matches gas masks
you know it’s used to stuff but still get 20 bucks if they’re nice and cases
every moment so I’m as high as 100 like like sued 15 bucks
Oh bulletproof vest oh yeah
paka body armor hundred bucks no problem cowboy Evolet fifty bucks pouches had a gun holster 20 bucks placements watches might be small
separate Master Yoda’s class but military police patrolled riot control
so this what do orcas we know where to stop trouble
you know yeah I’ll keep this this is cool see what’s in here some cutting
here it’s my canoe a gas mask another gas mask
should I just little bit nice and dis I can look up on eBay so that’s the same
as that one over there so it should be 40 50 bucks
Oh streamlines dolls in that guys still is usually for you like 100 bucks what
is it it’s a flashlight but this is for gun so I’m gonna look it up I’ll pop it
up in the screen I’ve never had this one before so I don’t know but it’s for gun
so I’m guessing at least 40 50 bucks might be more I might send just a Grimes
fine he like stuff like that not a billy club I got to see I don’t
know if these are legal to sell on California have to check but if not our
people that cool I’m gonna roll are walking talking stuffed so this is a
whole headset oh you know what this so dis you want to look up on eBay sorry guys just get me over cold I think
this is a throat mic so the Germans actually invented anti-tank come in and
stay would have T’s on the throat and he could take out the vibration of the
throat so this sound wouldn’t blocked it with his heavy tank engines so I think
that’s what that is I’m gonna take this home I’m gonna look
this up and see what it’s worth but if that’s a throat mic I shouldn’t pry up
on our bucks a war huh that’s a really good footlocker yeah I know he’s a parts spare part which act
is that later there’s some more spare parts oh this is
a clip gun clean get in here it’s cool well that was a good box I mean that box
probably added up watching three sort of octroi hut so now we have to throw quite
no no it’s worth so we do these works first or should we do these god these
all those heavy box I have to go get a bolt cutter all of these problems so reasons I think
these world good job now I got big hopes for these
because this was pretty good here’s a regular truck no I mean I don’t know
we’re just sorry see get external hard drive one terabyte so that’s actually
still a decent size so that’s probably about 30 40 bucks spry new box that’s
good good start nice boots Marine Corps 20 bucks no problem black card light sticks these are
military grade I’ll probably keep those it’s good to have any survival kids in
cars Mac lied 5 bucks I don’t use boxes on 20 out good night
this is just a briefing book all-weather I got to look DS up these actually might
be worth a little bit of money 10 H nice acoustics worst case I’m gonna give
these to the kids I’ll have fun with these and these should be long lasting I really want to fight here look like
the first eight could ask the first aid kit MREs no it’s a first aid kit but
it’s a marine first aid kit so that’s probably on ebay 40 50 bucks so and all
this stuff is really easy to look up the only thing you want to make sure when
you sell these online you want to make sure your kid doesn’t have any morphine
so if that’s morphine and make sure throw it away give it to your local
authorities the police statement station will take it to Chloe stations ie D
awareness playing cards here’s some gear all brand new books I’m sure they always
such a condition briefing for me so like so backs like these I’m getting like 25
bucks no problem see some good stuff on there by the way so we kind of doing
this quick for video normally people are saying why do you throw stuff because
I’m trying to make them in your own half way past tense DOS but I do see some tactical gear not very
thick so this is uh Terry great sleeping bag
yeah Eureka marine comes a Marine combat tent
Oh tent tent refinery 5 and 10 full set 10 for participate so I’ve never had
this before yeah we’ll check that out on eBay but that gotta be 50 bucks
Thank You Natalie so look at the Pelican case it also has two extra pouches down
here but look at somebody gear down here so push no yardage Pro every 20 bucks
Gerber what’s up Gina yeah well some of them were books but this was all gear
right here gerber flick so i got me these 50 bucks
here’s another gerber a deep self a so much so every time i put these out just
saw right away any wonder later bought it i I hate cuz I was losing her badula
these are price 50 bucks apiece this looks like almost like a switchblade
which would be legal yeah this is a switch black it’s illegal though we
can’t sell them here oh it’s not a switchblade but it’s a
Gerber signed it’s about a forty bucks this isn’t I think a wine bottle up in
our all know what I mean just gotta go check this side here’s a scope see
that’s why you buy these short it’s a surefire so just will be a flood
flashlight too so this should be at least 40 50 bucks kx4 so I’m gonna look
somebody’s up if I remember with the model number K Expo I’ll pop up the
price this one there’s another one but anything surefire guy surefire
Streamlight those are very expensive they do all the military stuff is
another kx-4 I check these out so these are the ones
I saw on top I think these a night vision so I’m
gonna look these up to see what these are they’re surefire switches right here
and a model Maimonides SF 1 2 3 a SF 1 2 3 a here’s one there’s another one these
a tomahawk and me at first light this is night vision these are probably these 50
to 200 bucks apiece there’s another one this this to
tomahawk night mission this is first night envy so I’m gonna I’m gonna pop
these up what these are worth for peace and then this is the surefire water so
that’s pretty good yeah here’s the box for first light here’s another one brand
new box not a tomahawk hey Giri I need a DRC’s tomahawk night visions are worth like 5 of lizard can look up on your
phone tomahawk Envy first light you know Gina’s here we have might as well put a
work we’re gonna pull up the website so what’s your website this is your calm
there’s a different video sir into its tomahawk and be tactical right so here’s another one brand new look
lock so I think we have three open doesn’t look like brand new and a two
brand new box you got a price one 150 on eBay and 250 brand-new
okay so let’s say they’re worth 100 bucks apiece those five flights at 100
bucks apiece the price on the same day that paid for all the boxes nice high
five it BAM storage was effect that’s how I roll
that’s how we do it that’s why you watch our videos because we guys give you
knowledge I gave me my whole thinking behind it this is knowledge you want to
take in I’ve been known as for about 30 years people no bullshit no fake this is
how we do it it’s how we do it these are just clubs this cool little
clip and then a pouch thanks Gina sharpening stone oh that’s positive real
quick and we’ll come back hey Gino just helped me said you got it off say your
website one more time Megan swap calm yeah so check it out
supportive who’s trying to start a new business so but uh yeah he got that
looks pretty good I’m just getting over the flu so I’m like I have no energy you
look good look at this bush rack complete ghillie
suit my mom neighbor has one of those he likes to scare the kids a nice 100
bucks this was empty okay well the case is 40 50 bucks what’s up yeah that’s a nice Kaizen I like it okay
like a few bucks I’ll fight that ghillie suit is at least 100 bucks in my 300 I
don’t know I gotta look it up I’ll put up fries so remember Bush RAC complete
ghillie suit kit woodland this says Bushnell on it yeah I think I did good
what you think I feel bad I told her storage was found at UH and if you watch
that truly meant it I said you probably lucky didn’t get it because like all the
ones we often had books in them so I just did it cuz I think this would make
a really cool YouTube video so this is a spotting scopes Bushnell looks like it’s
brand new who’s never been used yeah it should be a tripod right here it
just says personal let me sleep with my mom on the front the reason I’m trying
to look for the ball number of witness that I can pop in the right corner for
you guys with the prices nope doesn’t say nothing 15 times 30 up to 40 times
45 times but it’s a sport ol spacemaster so I looked it up it’s a spotting scope
a tripod a backpack and another one I know we have two Mormon here I’d like
to have my truck doesn’t leave you in California
I don’t know everything’s illegal in California it’s woven straw is illegal
papers for us nice try pie savage familiar with it so you know it’s 50 20
bucks empty yeah everyone you pick up is empty you know I don’t have good luck
all right Geno’s not allowed to touch any more Pelican cases but you know what
that case is another 40 bucks that’s a nice one I’ll probably keep it Brent I
need some cases from camp yeah brand new never cut out so does a
great I was gonna say all your guns plus camera gear is good too yeah any bigger
cases let’s cut this one this was a fun box guess he knows that the first ones
we opened yeah no but I crap them like aw man I hope not all full of books so
guys this is really good I’m much totally happy I’m gonna say
conservatively it was boxes so he has a lot of
Playboy’s you can have we have like $2,000 in the stuff I’m saying just in
this primary not a lot can’t be a break shake chances all right come on it’s open up Ashley
full of gear bags that looks good thank our lagina Texas
that’s a rifle bag right it looks brand new acid he’s 50 bucks and I’m gonna
check all this gear online well just really good Alex and me Pat’s Gina go
throw it out of you Pat’s but you know what he’s making money so who are we to
judge no as his wife is right there so you know I’m a terrible human being so
guys let’s and learn you know what if you don’t do goodness storage business
you need to resort to a new pad sometimes I kind of build a bankroll you
know gotta have two back for all that is so wrong that is the first aid kit
can I get 40 50 bucks Rose all clip but yeah we cannot sell these in California
so we’ll just turn these in but theoretically there’s four eight ten of
these what I said what do you sell for like 20 bucks apiece right
yeah but we can’t stop here you know fun about the Swami you know back of the
truck you don’t do that here’s more he’s another six clips you
can go to Nevada and they selling them at the thought maybe they have all the
guns on the table and everything yes the good part about these these are actually
cold manufactured clips so uh yeah we’ll probably end up destroying these or
which is tournament I’ll give them to a gun dealer you can register and I think
they said about uh state or whatever yeah so but here’s another six so that’s
nine hundred twenty bucks here’s hostess by the way I know you’re
not you guys will ask that question so one thing you name is not a holster
twenty bucks the one thing you never find in these
lockers instance never know because they stay shipping what’s this another
Streamlight hot surface do not touch it’s a surefire another surefire is a
try lock arms never 70 with a surefire mount not a scope and it should be an NS
scope not netskope but like you know the streamlines three more T’s here’s another surefire brand-new box
this is another one of those model HL 1 – D – TN helmet light 10 that’s at least
another 50 bucks Brian Newall yeah no you can say nice
back you know get 20 bucks per dose down then a gun holds these all Milonakis I
can like a 40 50 books easy they sell fast in our store look belts prandtl rainbow here’s
another gear bag of some sort caught us something brand-new in here so
here’s the back and whatever this bag is supposed to haul just two of these boxes
in there these are model m 9 v – V – TN and a surefire tactical lights
Wow like here look up what you form really quick
surefire destitute ease in here brand new m9 v 2 v as in victor – TN like
Tennessee brand-new box guys I’ve got to say this
is these 200 bucks just to it here how much eBay one is 325 another guy’s 349 nice I
think this guy’s used at $2.99 nice let me just get more yeah yeah bingo raw
wood Rene that’s how we do it I’m just saying watch the channel take
note subscribe there’s a lot of haters on our chat a lot of people with good
comments a lot of people love calling me fat but you know what I’m fat with money
why cuz I got knowledge and what’s good about that I’m willing to share the
knowledge with you so concentrating a positive support to
channel and watch and learn and you can go out and make money to blue and by the
way yes just did these boxes are way better than I expected I did not think
I’m gonna make any money these boxes I think we went through everything in here
but probably forever say isn’t that a thousand bucks in here these to us no
more books back GBS clavata nope knows first
– okay the box is okay I don’t care if they’re empty I’m happy with this deal
you know that’s between two and three thousand dollars and stuff in here so I’m so glad I went today I wouldn’t go
cuz I just I didn’t have my mom said I just woke up at 8:45 that’s like you
know you can do it now I get all this shit those skinny guy pick us what people pick a swap okay see
what’s in this one one more box mugear hey you know what
it’s not military gear but at least it’s not oh well yeah with that unless bosses
color doesn’t that’s what I was to watch just to mess with us Oh be a grinder I
don’t know this young fruit 14 forces older but what do you think 80
bucks at least right 60 bugs yeah we’ll take it
air compressor 50 bucks actually 40 bucks it’s a combo stenchy cord some
that weighs less cost you this will be a brainer nope but awesome brand new nice
you notice another something Milwaukee – I see it brand yeah those are just blah
that’s not – order up there so you know what that $500 estimate I’m gonna say
2500 just $3,000 no problem very easy we gonna clean us up and then we gotta go
film the boxes with the loggers in it

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