LEAGUE OF TRICKS (O TO Q Champions) – Episode 12 | League of Legends

29 thoughts on “LEAGUE OF TRICKS (O TO Q Champions) – Episode 12 | League of Legends

  • I missed Olaf double Q and Quinnsect, also not in this one vid but with Shyvanna you can level your ult at 6 only right before using it, so your enemies dont see the rage indicator and are caught out guard

  • Hey Pants, I really like your videos! keep up the good work. I don't want to be rude, but I can't seem to find the next episodes. DId you make them or are you still planning on doing the others?

    Good luck with all and keep up the nice videos!

  • Another cool trick with Quinn is when you are in your bird form, you can press R mid E-cast to vault off the target, while hitting the enemy with your ultimate's execute. (So R -> mid E R)

  • You missed one for Pantheon. Tiamat's active shortens the animation for his E, extremely satisfying

  • Can you do an episode with morde? Like combos and stuff? I recently started playing him and am mastery lvl 3 with him, i cant really use him to his full potential because i am only level 13…

  • The Olaf Q into the wall is actually kind of useful for clearing jungle early as theres enough splash on the ability for you to hit bluebuff/redbuff with it xD.

  • When you dash with Valor while reactivating your ult, you will dash back while your ult will deal damage positioned on your target.

  • If you are playing quinn and you are in your ult form you can e and then use the second activation of your ult before you reach the target and your ult will go off where you were going to land but you turn into human form again before you get there so the e goes off as it normally would and launches you back. It's super useful if you want to dive someone and execute them with your ult but don't want to get stuck under tower after using it.

  • You forgot to mention one when playing Quinn. When you're in her bird form if you reactivate her ult when vaulting to a target it will treat the vault as a human form vault. So instead of putting you in melee range it puts you back at a distance.

  • also you can e in quinn birdy form, reactivate r while midair for the damage burst and hopback

  • Can anybody tell me, why did I see the exactly same video before? I mean EXACTLY same video before. Did he just redo it or I am seeing future? :O

  • You forgot the trick where if you Vault to an enemy as Valor and pressed ult before it reaches to them, you will eventually kick and flip back as Quinn. (Also applying ult damage)

  • I really dont know what to do .-.Currently i am on a 6 games losing streak. I buy wards, i gank early, i make it so EVERY lane wins. And then i still lose.Such as, in my last game i made it so our Viktor got first blood and then after that i made it so  he got another kill, later we took the mid turret and such.And even tho i did all that, he still went 3/8 and we lost the fucking game.

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